Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Caroline's coming this afternoon--and how could I have forgotten to tell you that last time she was here (two weeks ago) the fire alarm went off?! Caroline got to see what I do once or twice a year--check the hallway first, get Karma in the stroller, gather up phone, camera, keys, and my bag, get coat and shoes... If there ever really was a fire I might be cooked up here on third floor. But, if I ever did smell smoke I wouldn't take the time to do all those things, of course. And Caroline carried the whole stroller down the stairs for me so we made it out much faster. (I have to lower the stroller one step at a time down three flights.)
Turned out that while they were working on the heating system that day they were soldering and set off the alarm...more than once, it turned out. Was very cold outside. We certainly shouldn't have a repeat performance today--hehe!

Apparently they have actually fixed the heat or done something new to it. Every since I moved here (be five years in February) I have hardly had to use the heat at all. In fact I had to crack windows open in the winter because it would get so warm in here--with no heat on. Now I suddenly have to actually use my thermostat--and I am not used to where to keep it. Having the subzero weather doesn't help, of course, and a lot depends on which way the wind blows--literally. Seems like it is either too cold or too hot--hehe! I'll figure it out. Better than always too hot. :)

I have slowly been trying to clean up my junk mail in my inboxes. That really takes some time and patience. You have to find the unsubscribe link and then it can take days for them to get to actually removing you. Was finally getting just ridiculous. I do a lot of online shopping--so then I get emails from tons of stores--not only the ones I actually shop, of course. I don't mind getting them from places I frequent--but it was getting to the point that I had 15-30 to delete right off the bat every single day! Times are hard. Some of the companies are sending out email ads several times a week with Christmas coming and all. Whew! I will keep at it. I am beginning to notice less junk in my inbox. Ahhh!

I'm suppose I'm lucky that is all I get--hehe! There was a time I was bombarded with male enhancement promises and endless ads for lonely college girls with cameras in their dorm rooms begging to entertain me. Apparently there is no such thing as a targeting an audience when it comes to email spam--ROFL! Thank goodness the spam blockers have improved over the years!

Well, now that I will be mailing off the last of the Christmas cards...I decided to get back to the clearing out/giving away process first. I plan to ask Caroline if she can help me wheel down the other clothing rack before she leaves today. I am soooo tired of the piled black garbage bags and the one empty rack standing behind the chairs. Be delighted to finally finish that project so I can call to have them come and pick it all up! Talk about the happy dance! hehe!

Wow! Only a little over a week till Christmas Eve! It all goes by too quickly.

Right now--I have to go pick up cat toys...later gator! :):)


Intense Guy said...

That stroller looks like a fabulous idea. Multifunctional too - being a spare bed room and all -

If had gotten a little kid car, Karma could fantasize about being a Nascar driver.. just find one where the steering wheel only turns left. :)

p.s., can you email me your address? I got a card here with your name on it...

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
Yup! Karma's spare bedroom on wheels--ROFL! So much easier to get her down three flights of stairs when the fire alarm goes off in this than the carrier where she'd slide to the back end and twist my wrist. She's no lightweight, either--ROFL! Good investment and it acts as a kind of cat condo, too. :)

Sure thing! Yours is already in the mail! :):) Merry, merry Christmas!!

AliceKay said...

Love the spare bedroom. LOL

Being prepared for an emergency is always a good thing. You never know when you'll need that readiness.

My internet provider has a pretty good spam filter for our email. I use Windows Mail. I hardly get the spam junk in my Inbox anymore.

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay--I'm always in readiness for a fire alarm--only because I have no place to put the cat stroller where it's really hidden--ROFL! It's good, tho, because then Karma does use it as a spare bedroom sometimes so she's not as freaked out by it as she was when I first got it. She howled when I put her in it and zipped her inside--hehe! She still complains, but not until we leave the apartment and not quite as loudly. :)