Sunday, December 13, 2009


As usual, I can't catch a picture of the huge floaty flakes that I love to watch dancing past my window...
...but this is what I woke up to this afternoon.
Right now it is 6 below. We had warnings again last night and today--between 30-45 below wind chills. You'd think it was too cold to snow--hehe!
Well, I am sad. Last night the bulb started to flicker on the Holtkotter reading lamp...again. *sigh*
Miss Karma sat right up in her chair to watch the light show.
She knew what would come next. The moving of stuff about to get another lamp over by my chair.
So. It must be the lamp itself. :(
I have had trouble with it ever since I moved here. I wouldn't doubt it might have been caused by the rough handling of the apartment movers who broke or damaged so many of my things on the dreaded move across the river up here. [They tried to charge me almost three times what they estimated--which I didn't have--harassed me on the phone--took me to court--and they lost. I had pictures of all the damages.] ??? Could be the cause, I suppose. Who knows?
Anyways, I'll have to check to see if by chance it has a lifetime warranty--doubtful--even if it is the Cadillac of the lamp world--hehe! But you never know, right? Then whether or not the fancy lighting store knows of a person who does repairs AND whether I can even afford to have it repaired in the first place. There's a reason people like me should stick to the cheap lamps at Target, I guess--hehe!
Miss Karma is not happy with this set up being back again. She normally jumps up onto the arm of my chair from the rear--right here--where it is now blocked by the TV tray, box, and lamp stacking.
Rough life. She has such a rough life. :)
Well, on a lighter note...we've had a kitten rescue in the news and by the news folk up here...
...and It's A Wonderful Life was on last night!! My all time favorite, favorite, favorite Christmas movie!! Now I'll have to watch A Christmas Story. Any Christmas movies after that are just frosting on the cake, but I watch those two--for sure--every year.
I just love, love, love the Christmas season!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

I wonder if it would be worth getting an electrician to check out your lamp?

It's A Wonderful Life with James Stewart is one of my Christmas faves too. Must dig it out to watch later this week.

Btw, it was nice to read the kitten rescue had a happy ending.

AliceKay said...

Sure does look cold out there. You must get some pretty harsh winters.

I hope the light can be repaired with little or no expense to you. So...Karma isn't impressed with your lighting set up now? LOL

AliceKay said...

(i'll be back when i have some time to catch up on your other blogs from this week that i've missed)

Intense Guy said...

I can't imagine any lamp being too difficult to repair - they are all more or less the same inside - unless this one has some sort of fancy florescent "ballast". If there is a 'short' somewhere - I would think the lamp would be electrically 'hot' to the touch (not that you really want to test it that way). I have found getting them "open" to be the challenge at times.

Maybe a kitten would get Karma's mind off the lighting woes... :)

Rita said...

Serena--Might be hard to find a person who actually fixes lamps anymore these days. But I did find one who repairs typewriters, didn't I?

Christmas isn't Christmas without George Bailey crying on the bridge. :)

The lady who was involved saving the kitten is the anchorwoman! I was so glad the kitten was found and saved. It has been sooooo cold--poor thing. I heard they have a ton of people who have asked to adopt her. So she should be fine and happy. Yup! Love a happy ending. :)

Rita said...

AliceKay--yes we do have cold winters, but this deep freeze stuff normally doesn't show up until January--hehe! We have been known to have weeks of below zero weather on occasion.

I will sure attempt to get the lamp fixed. Karma only approves of minor changes to her life--hehe! :):)

Rita said...

Iggy--the inner workings of pretty much any lamp are a mystery to me. This has a holgen bulb and a slider dimmer on the cord--that's all I know--hehe! The lamp isn't shock-hot to the touch--just bulb hot where the light is. Sounds like you know a bit about lamps. :)

A kitten! Can you imagine! She'd either love it or hate it. There are seldom any inbetweens for Miss Karma--ROFL! My best bet would be that she'd get tired of it pretty darn quickly, even if she was intrigued at first. Or she'd hate it on sight--high fear factor, you know. ROFL!!

I found a new treat container for her. Pictures tomorrow. I know--the suspense is killing you, right? LMAO!! :):)

Intense Guy said...

Ah.. a slider dimmer... I've seen these fail pretty often - they would fail in the manner you describe too.

A lot of them are cheap plastic molded parts from China. Unfortunately they come in about a gazillion different styles - and that makes them hard to replace - but it's "do-able".

Rita said...

Iggy--Aha! So it might be the sliding dimmer? I'll keep that in mind when I see about getting it fixed--maybe this winter? Thanks much, my friend! :)