Friday, December 11, 2009


With all the subzero weather we've been having the floor is chillier, too. I notice Karma has become exceptionally fond of "her" chair with the soft cozy throw and she is not sprawling around on the floor but curled up in a ball instead with her feet tucked under her chest.
Today is probably going to be mostly an R&R day. Yesterday I actually got caught up with emails, comments, and reading posts--tada! Now I am only behind in Flickr and posting on my art blog. Not caught up yet--but I made great strides!
When I wasn't on the computer, I was working on Christmas cards. Walked 45 cards down to the mail at about 3am. I can probably get the rest of them done this weekend--tada! Wow! Nice to have room to spare this year. :)
Yup--been up until close to dawn again lately--and posting later. But haven't been sleeping well or very long, so eventually I will collapse and crash for a good long time--and who knows what time of day that could be--hehe! Kind of funny. My life is irregular and yet very routine at the same time--hehe!
I was sent this video about the history of Fargo. Sure were a lot of fires up here. Or maybe that was just when the Fargo press actually ran for their cameras--ROFL!
The old cars and the horse and buggies weren't all that long ago when you think about it. Just a blink in the expanse of time.
My little sister's birthday today. Blink! Blink! How did we get this old?!
Happy Birthday, Renee! :):)


Intense Guy said...

Such a sleepy and content cat - cold feet or not.

Hang in there Karma, maybe Santa Paws will bring you some footie-PJs (with or without the trapdoor in the rear) to keep you warm with.

Rita said...

Karma would definitely need a trap door in her PJs--ROFL!! :):)

AliceKay said...

I hope your little sister had a great birthday.

Rita said...

AliceKay--I hope so, too. Honestly--don't hear from her very often. But I heard she is planning to go visit her daughter who's living in Englad for Christmas and that her son is going along, too. They should have a wonderful time! :)