Saturday, December 26, 2009


Karma discovered her winter wonderland of snow.

Paw and lick. Paw and lick.

Plenty enough snow...
...for her to eat her footprints now--hehe!
She must have asked 4-5 times to go out during the night last night. :)
Happy girl!
About 4:30 I heard the little plow. I was afraid he might dig away the drifts so I tried to snap a picture in the dark. If you double click on it you might be able to see better how high the drifts are on the garages!
I have never seen them almost go to the top of the garage doors! Just shows you how strong the wind had been Christmas Day.
Well, you know the weather is really bad when the churches cancelled the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services! There were so many church service cancellations running across the bottom of the screen the past two days I wonder if any churches actually had any Christmas services up here? And stores are either closed or opening at 11-noon today. It was drifting so badly and such low visibility with all the wind that they pulled the plows off county roads last night. Been a white-out Christmas up here.
Dagan and Leah are still at her mom's. They weren't sure if they were going to stay there today or try to make it over to Dagan's dad's--or just try to come home. I told Leah I thought it might be better to try and come home on Sunday. It wasn't as bad where they were, she said, but it sure isn't good here. Have to wait and see how the day goes today. They are talking another 1-3 inches maybe today. If the wind dies down, that will make the difference.
I took the day off. Watched A Christmas Story and Polar Express. Been reading another one of Caroline's books she lent to me. I'm on the coffeehouse mystery series by Cleo Coyle--Latte Trouble is the one I'm reading right now. I'm still up all night and sleeping during the day. Been up since 4pm yesterday afternoon. So I'll be heading for bed soon, while most of you are waking up and just starting your day--hehe!
Hope it was a great Christmas! Was a very nice one again for me and Karma. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Okay, I read this post after reading the later post so no need to answer my question about what you're reading...hehehehe

The winds in Wyoming caused huge snow drifts too. I remember one time the kids had to dig the dog out of her kennel and dog run as the snow drifts had collected against the kennel fence and gate in just a matter of hours. She got so pampered after that and we kept her inside even though she wasn't a good inside dog. At least she was safe and warm.

Serena Lewis said...

Ooooops, I meant to comment on how cute Karma is in the pics ~ :)

AliceKay said...

Yep, I read this post after the one above. The drifting is a problem. We get drifting from time to time. I heard on the weather channel that they closed the roads up that way. Better safe than sorry.

A couple of years ago, some of the interstates in northeastern Pennsylvania were a nightmare. Not sure if you heard about it out there...the big Valentine's Day blizzard that shut down interstates all over here with cars and trucks stranded on those roads overnight and some up to 20 hours. We blame PennDot for lack of plows because they cut back on the contracted snow plows that year. Many people were NOT happy.

I loved "The Polar Express". :)

Rita said...

Yup--very lite reading. I've read a couple of them in the past three days. ;)

Yes! The drfting can be so strange--and fast! That is why they pull the plows off the roads sometimes. They no sooner plow them than they are covered over again--so they just close the roads. I have no doubts a dog house could be drifted over--and I bet it would be nice and warm in there for them. But you'd have to dig them out an exit after the storm passes--hehe! If the dog hasn't dug its way out first. :):) But in a kennel run the ways the dog can dig out are limited by the fencing. You can tell I live up here--I am already thinking of how you could put plywood up against the side of the fence that drifts the worst...etc, etc...hehe! And yet I have a TOTALLY inside cat who thinks she is adventuresome licking snow off her feet for a few minutes at a time on the enclosed porch--ROFL!!

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay,
We usually have some drifting--unless the snow is heavy and wet. Very windy up here on the plains and North Dakota is very flat. So once you get out of town the visibility can get bad if it is windy enough. When it's a blizzard, you can't see (white out) and it drifts over the roads. There probably isn't a winter that goes by that we don't have conditions like you mention in Pennsylvania. And we do have the plows--but they become useless at a certain point with some storms/blizzards. Truckers and travelers are stranded until it subsides so they can get back to plowing the roads. The freeways are first to open and the last to close. So when they closed the freeways up here--for great lengths--thru states--you know it is bad. We're still in the process of digging out, but the freeways are open again. :)

I liked Polar Express, too. But I have to say it is quite a dark kid's movie. The animation is excellent--but the look of the movie is dark (all at night) and kind of sad and isolated feeling to it. I don't think I noticed it as much the first couple of times I saw it. But after watching it a couple times...I don't know what it is. Not a "happy" movie, I guess. Kind of sad and stressful. ???

Intense Guy said...


I'm going to put my gloves on while I catch up reading all your new posts.

Giggles at Karma eating her footprints...

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
It was actually warmer during the blizzard. Now we have gone back into the deep freeze again. Minus ten degrees right now. That is defnitely brrrr! Karma doesn't even want to go out. Gets too cold for her to catch snow on her feet hardly, anyways--hehe! :)