Monday, December 21, 2009


Good Morning!
All of this was happening in the sky at the same time this morning.
Dark, light--orange, yellow--interesting! To me, anyways. :)
This is what Miss Karma does every morning. She often gets into position on one of the chairs by the window way before dawn is even a hint in the distant sky. Pitch black. And I wonder what she is watching or waiting for?
I mean, later--closer to when the sun is coming up--there are people leaving for work and walking their dogs.
Karma keeps a close eye in the mornings for some reason. I have no doubt she does this when I am sleeping thru the sunrise, too--hehe!
I am glad I had made my birthday cards for 2010 ahead of time as I have three birthdays in January.
They're a bit girly for the guys, but I guess that's too bad--hehe! This is what they are this year. Oh well. It's hard to make them gender neutral every year. ;)
Karma's toys used to be in the top drawer of the cabinet that the 30 gallon sits on. I moved them into a small box I had. [Getting ready to give away the tank and move the cabinet to the dumpster. Just need to be on better hours before I post it. Never heard back from the lizard guy.] Karma tends to take out her red netty thingie first.
So--what have I been doing for two days? Still sleeping here and there, day and night. In fact, I've been up all night and will be heading for bed here pretty soon.
I did finally get caught up on my art blog. Summarized for September thru December. That's how far behind I was on my monthly posts! I hope to do better in the coming year.
That got me checking my goal list from last year. Sadly I only got 13 checked off. :( I started on a new list for 2010. Obviously, could just transfer a lot of them over to the new list--hehe!
I'll post the new list in January, of course--on the art blog. I suppose I might post it on my regular blog, too. Not sure.
And that inspired me to update, print off, and fill out my weekly list for the first three months in 2010. :)
I have one week left in the old calendar (on the desk). I am all set and ready to go!
I think I am especially glad to have my Christmas cards mailed, my birthday cards for 2010 already made, and now have my calendar & weekly checklists up to date because I've been so far behind most of the whole year. Like I'm thinking I will actually be able to keep abreast now? ROFL! We'll see. Time will tell. :)
Seems to me I was going to tell you something else, but I am getting so tired the brain is dimming. If I think of it I'll write it down so I can mention it next time. *yawn*
Nite! Nite! :):)


Intense Guy said...

I bet Karma just forgot to tell you she signed up for the neighborhood watch and she does dawn patrol.

She has to make sure no one steals her red mesh thingy.

The birthday cards look really nice! and you are so durn organized!!


Serena Lewis said...

I think Karma is so cute doing the Neighbourhood Watch thing. I stopped doing goal lists and have converted over to just choosing a word to focus on for a year. Last year, I had 'JOY'...still mulling over my word for 2010 though there are a couple that keep coming into my mind over and over so maybe I'll choose two for 2010.

It looks like you're pretty much set and organised for 2010. I can't wait to use my new Day Planner!

Rita said...

Hi Iggy!
That's it! Dawn patrol! It all makes sense now. :)

I liked them, even if they are a little more girly with the ribbon threaded thru the top. Used a resist method with a brayer--more fun--hehe!

Let's hope I can stay more organized this year. Last year Leah and I got such an early start on our Christmas cards--and even thought we might get an extra set done--ROFL! The year just got away from us! :) Wish us luck with finishing the handmade paper Christmas cards this year. Leah's already anxious to learn bookbinding and how to help me make journals--hehe! Well, we're never bored! :):)

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
I quit making New Year's Resolutions years ago, but then after my health went down the toilet (hehe!) I came up with a Goal List. It is more a list of the projects I'd like to get done. It helps keep me motivated so I don't sink into the exhaustion and pain never to be heard from again--ROFL!

I do like how you chose a word last year. That's a great idea! I don't see why you can't pick two. ;) Maybe you could spend the year ;earning how they are interelated or how they intersect?

Sounds like you get just as excited over your new planner, too! The new year is right around the corner. I always find New Year's a nostalgic and yet uplifting time--and for many years have always had a little sacred ceremony to greet the new year. Looking forward to it. :)

AliceKay said...

Beautiful sunrise shots. It's amazing what artwork the sun, the clouds and the air can provide for us sometimes.

Loved the pics of Karma. She looks like a really special cat.

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay!
I love skies and seeing birds soaring across them. And the colors of sunrises and sunsets--awesome! Ahhh!

Karma's "special" alright--hehe! Angel/Devil cat--ROFL! I love her to death, tho. :)