Sunday, December 06, 2009


I tried. This morning the earth is covered by diamond flakes! Sparkly, tiny diamonds fluttering softly to the ground. I took half a dozen pictures--but they all looked like this. I just couldn't capture the bright flashes of light in the sky and the twinkling, gleaming, crystal snow. :( I tried.
I love the diamond snow! I wish I could have shared what it really looks like because it is absolutely beautiful! When the light hits the snow just right it looks like angels have laid down a fragile, white diamond blanket upon the earth. :) But this fine morning I guess the gift is for my eyes...and Karma's. I wonder if she notices? Or does she gaze past it like so many humans do?
Cat Radio.
Children running and giggling in the hallway--hehe!

Well, yesterday I counted card parts. This tray has the snowflake parts for our 80 Christmas cards--in burgundy.
And here are the rest of the parts for our 80 cards. We need 15 more white embossed fronts, tho.
Here are all the parts for 23 bright red ones Leah had started on Wednesday...
...and our two accidental dark red ones--hehe!
Then there's the leftovers.
I made a list of what we would need to fill in so we could use all of these extra parts so we can sell them next Christmas on Etsy. It would be too late this year by the time we got all these extras done. And--when we are finally done with our 80 we will probably be due a break--ROFL!
Last night I was watching some shows I had taped. When I turned the tape off the TV was on PBS. Andrea Bocelli (blind tenor) was singing some beautiful Christmas songs so I left it on while I went to check my email. (Still trying to catch up--of course.)
I heard the name of a group of phone volunteers...Leah's! I looked and there she was in the front on the right in the group photo shot.
This is all I ever can see of her. She was in this very same spot last year--hehe! You can see her one eye behind the lady's shoulder.
I'm so proud of her. Giving blood...volunteering for PBS...isn't she just a wonderful person!?
And that wonderful person will be over later today to put Christmas cards together with me...and watch more Northern Exposure--hehe! :)
It was 20 years ago today that I woke up tobacco free. I can't sit here and tell you the story today (need to save my back and shoulders for cardmaking) but I promise I will tell the story before the end of the year. And I will label it in the title so it will be easy to find for those of you who just drop by occasionally. I promise. A guardian angel story seems quite appropriate for the Christmas season. :)
From diamond blanketed Fargo...
bless you! bless you! bless you!


Serena Lewis said...

Well done to Leah! I've noticed her hair is getting looks lovely on her!

OH goodness, all those cards in prep and, yesterday, I only managed to get two cards half-finished. Am I a slacker or what?! Even Aaron managed to do five cards. I love how he just throws himself into his crafts without any pre-conceived ideas of how it will end up. His cards are always colourful and full of interest. I spend way too much time

AliceKay said...

It snowed here in northeastern Pennsylvania, too, but you have more out there. The sun was glistening on ours this morning, too, and I know what you's hard to capture with a camera.

It's great that Leah volunteers for so much. Where would we be without such volunteers? Thank you, Leah. :) I was watching a PBS show the other night...Celtic Woman, Songs From The Heart. I love their music.

Congrats on your 20 year mark. That's quite an accomplishment. I'll be looking forward to your story.

Hope your day was a good one and your card making was a success.

Intense Guy said...

Congrats on the 20 years of smoke free.

And PBS has a diamond on the air too. :) Leah is an impressive woman.

I know what you mean by that fine sparkling powdery snow - and how it shines in the sun. It never fails to raise the spirits.

Rita said...

Leah just got a little bit of a trim, so it still looks long. Had no idea her hair was THAT long until she started straightening it!

Are you going to post some pictures of the cards you and Aaron are making? Love to see them! :)

Rita said...

There are a lot of things the camera can't capture...or a painting, either. And a lot of the time they are the things that take your breath away. :)

I've watched the Celtic women program before--beautiful voices! I do watch quite a bit of PBS. Especially since I only have channels 2-13--hehe! Otherwise I was guilty of spending a lot of time on cable...HGTV, TNT, Animal Planet, old movies, etc, etc...

It's hard for me to believe it has been 20 years. I can't imagine what a carton of cigarettes cost anymore! whew! And I'd probably be sitting here sucking on a canister of oxygen right now! :):)

Rita said...

Do you think Leah's volunteering will make up for my shortcomings...kind of like when somebody else could pay your way out of purgatory? ROFL! Maybe not. :)

The diamond sparkling snow and the big fluffy flakes always make me smile and lift me spirits. I actually think I would pine for snow if I moved away to a warm climate. :) :)