Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Aha! They were just waiting for the big guns to be free to come work on our parking lot. Nice! :)
They have been swamped with work--running round the clock for days--and this was just too much snow for our usual pickups and small plow--true! Mystery solved.
I brought garbage out to the dumpster and went to look at my garage door. Not bad!
When Dagan and Leah and Ariel come tonight I will get my garage shoveled out. :)
Looking forward to Sacred Circle tonight! I will have two very grounding, connecting nights in a row this year--tada! I do my own ceremonial thing on New Year's Eve every year, of course.
Karma--she's just enjoying her new metal treat can and her old toys.
Right now she is out like a light on "her" chair.
[She actually snores. Don't let her know I told you that.]
The excitement builds! The new year is rapidly approaching!
2010--do you believe it!?
Happy Pre-New Year's Eve! :):)


AliceKay said...

Yep, they needed big equipment for that kind of snow removal.

I won't tell Karma you told us she snores. My cats snored, too. :)

A new year and a new decade. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Happy Pre-New Year's Eve to you, too.

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay,
I haven't had very many cats that snore, so it cracks me up!

Yup! We're on the countdown!! ;)

Intense Guy said...

Oh my... Karma snores? Does it rattle the window panes? Aren't you glad you don't have a pet elephant that snores?

Hadn't thought about that - new decade... its going to be a test of wills... writing '09... no.. '10...010?

I hope your celebration brings you inner awe.

Serena Lewis said...

I love that you do a Sacred Circle on New Year's Eve. As we aren't doing anything in particular for New Year's Eve this year, I may do my own little ceremony to welcome in the New Year and attract positive happenings for 2010. It's 9:30am on New Year's Eve as I type this. It's hard to believe a whole new decade is upon us. I hope it will be a decade of positive enlightenment.

Happy New Year's Eve to you, Rita!

Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
Yes--it's a gentle, quiet, snore that sometimes almost has a whistle to it. Makes me smile every time. Thank goodness it's not a loud elephant in the room snore that rattle the blinds! Hummm...I was married to one of those once--hehe!

I think our Circle did bring me inner awe last night! You were right! ;)

Rita said...

Oh Serena--I am answering after you have already had your new year's eve. And mine hasn't even arrived quite yet--a few more hours. Did you do something special? Positive enlightenment--sounds needed, that's for sure. :)

We had such a wonderful time last night. All our angels and guides must have been dancing around us or something--hehe! Going to be a quiet, private greeting tonight. ;)