Monday, December 07, 2009


Card day yesterday! Ariel came to help! :)
First we put together snowflakes...
...and used brads to attach them to the front pieces...
...and the inside sentiment strips.
We watched the rest of the first DVD of...
They all look so young!
After we finished attaching all the snowflakes with brads, then we put carpet tape on the backs. (Love seeing these two beautiful sisters creating together and laughing!)
One would cut and one would place the pieces of carpet tape on the backs of the white pieces...
...and then somebody would peel off the carpet tape backing and somebody else would place the pieces and press them on the card. (Well--for a while, at the end there, both Leah and Ariel did peeling and I did the placing--hehe!)
We rotated jobs. I had to take a long break once.
But--we finished all of Leah and my 80 burgundy cards! TADA! So happy with them!
Here's all of my 65 cards in the tray.
Leah got to take home her 15 cards last night, too. So--now--the next big project...addressing them all--hehe! You know what I'll be doing this week. :) I'll be happy if I can get them all in the mail by next Monday. Always try to get them in the mail by mid-December.
Looks like we might be able to meet that goal this year after all--thanks to Ariel! If she hadn't come with to help we wouldn't have finished our cards yet--no way! Thanks so much, Ariel!!
Well, the diamond snow changed into the gorgeous big fluffy flakes that float past the window and dance on the breeze. We had just enough snow that they plowed the parking lot this morning. Been below zero at night--brrr! 9 degrees right now. Ariel played Christmas songs on her computer for us last night after we finished the last half of the Northern Exposure DVD. Festive over here--making Christmas cards and listening to Christmas carols with really good company. :)
Quite the perfect day! :):)


AliceKay said...

Sure sounds like a perfect day. The cards look great! I can see lots of hard work and heart and soul going into each one. I'm sure that whomever receives one will know the love behind the sentiments. Very nice. :)

('s cold out there)

Rebag said...

Rita, your cards are beautiful!!

Grab a good warm blanket, sounds like we might need it tonight brrrr.

Intense Guy said...

80 people are going to be most lucky and get a very beautiful card - and some of them will know there is a beauty even beyond the card in the making of them -

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Rita said...

Thanks everybody!
they were made with love and joy! :):)