Monday, December 14, 2009


The clear plastic "treat" tube is still around here somewhere. Probably under some piece of furniture. Karma's new tube is metal--one of those tea container shapes. It is easier for Karma to reach into the back and it is too wide to fit under any of the furniture--tada!
Not as challenging--true--but Karma prefers it--paws down. I put some of her "treats" (just regular dried cat food) into the clear tube and she walked over and sat in front of the empty silver metal one and stared at me like she couldn't believe I had actually made such an obvious error. Humans can be so frustrating sometimes.
Good thing Caroline comes tomorrow. Karma can leave tiny pieces of food behind--hehe!
In fact, Caroline just called to see if she could come earlier tomorrow because of a final. No problem. :)
I washed clothes and worked on cards yesterday--and finished!! Now that the Christmas cards are behind me I looked around and realized how so many things have been left undone. Whew!
I had totally forgotten about the Soul Coaching book and if I was going to complete it this year I had best get busy--so I worked on that for a while.
I have to get finished with the other half of the deciding what to give away (clothing, linens, etc) so I can call and have them come and pick it all up (and get these black trash bags and the wardrobes on wheels out of here!). And finally finish cleaning the 30 gallon aquarium and getting that out of here, too. Those were two big projects that were halted midway and put aside until I got the Christmas cards done. So. I'll be back working on those now. It will be a huge relief when they are finally done! The clutter has been driving me crazy! (I know--short trip--but still!)
We might not be above zero until Wednesday. I took a couple of silly videos when I came back in the dark from the dumpster last night. Was sooo cold my fingers weren't working well when I started the one outside--hehe! I don't know what the clicking sound was on the camera. Maybe it got too cold? No idea. I hope it is nothing permanent.
Anyways--keep smiling! Have a great day! :):)


Intense Guy said...

Yea! Four paws up from Karma for the new treat tube!

LOL - it does look a bit classier... will she get all snobby as well as disdainful of her human's intelligence?

I hope the camera is ok... I can't imagine what you were video'ing out at the dumpster in the dark...


AliceKay said...

Karma looks like a very happy cat. I hope she enjoys the new treat tube. Looks pretty snazzy!

Brrr...sure sounds cold out your way. And yeah, just what were you capturing on that video camera of yours? :)

I need help with my Christmas cards. Just haven't been in the mood to work on them but they need to get done. I've given myself today as the deadline for most that need to be mailed. A couple of gifts need to be boxed up and mailed, too, so I best get at it.

Serena Lewis said...

It sounds like you're pretty organised despite all you're planning to get done. :)

Kaine said...

Glad you got all your christmas cards finished up. I bet it feels good to get something done...even if the score is 1 down a few too many things to go lol! In my case I ALWAYS feel like it is none down and infifinity to go. Although, over the weekend I got fed up with my lack of storage in my kitchen and recruited my dad to help me put up some shelves. I took some pictures and hope to post the whole process of before and after tonight on my blog when I get everything back on the shelves. Yay! Something done!

I know how you feel AliceKay, here in Indiana we have had rather nice weather for Indiana and it has only snowed once and it was only a little. Now I don't necessarily like the snow (because I drive a Mustang convertible) but not having snow makes me feel like christmas is far away...not 10 days away!!!!!

P.S. Tell Karma I said hi :)

Rita said...

Iggy--Karma does love her new classier treat tube!

I wasn't videoing much--hehe! My hands were so cold--had to take my glove off to start the camera and couldn't see if it was going at first--really silly video. Every once in a while I just have to throw in a winter video for my dad who's retired in Florida to let him know what he's missing. Then I have talked about the vandalism here--so I showed some of it in the second one where I was inside going home. Not too interesting. I haven't used the video since then so see if that clicking sound is still there. I have noticed that same clicking sound on other people's videos on youtube?? No idea what it is from. :)

Rita said...

AliceKay--You can see the silly videos if you click on the link in the upper left hand corner of the blog. Pretty silly. Wanted my dad to remember how snow squeaks when it is really cold--hehe!

I hope you got your cards and packages done. There's still time. I have the last of my Christmas cards going out tomorrow. tada! Ahead of the game this year. :)

Rita said...

Serena--I'm always full of plans, aren't I? I may be slow, but I do get things done--eventually! Even if some things take me FOREVER! hehe! In fact--I just finished up with all the give-away bags!! (Tuesday) So exhilerating to be done!! :)

Rita said...

Kaine--I just finished up with all the letters and such now, too--so all the cards will be in the mail by Wednesday! And I got the give-away stuff finished and ready for pickup tomorrow--Wednesday!! Awesome! Yes--feels wonderful!

You were busy, too--so you know how great it feels when you are done. Now--next thing will be the fish tank...:)

AliceKay said...

Hey....I know that sound. :)