Thursday, December 03, 2009


Still says I am over my limit. ?? Been over 48 hours--twice as long as they said. *sigh* I have over 30 pictures to post now. By the time I am allowed to post it will take me all day to do it--hehe!

Dagan and Leah arrived separately after work. We had spaghetti for dinner. Dagan didn't hang around too long because he had some stuff he had to do at home. (I did get pictures!) I was too sore to do very much. Leah started with putting the new Spellbinders sets into the amazing new storage box--but they have sticky goo on them from the double sided tape they use to hold them on the cards--so each die had to be cleaned off before they could be put away. :( It didn't turn out to be the easy, thrilling, fun thing to do that I saved for her--hehe! So we passed on doing that right now and started on the Christmas cards.

Dagan left around that time, I think. Leah and I "confabed" over exactly how to put the cards together. We made templates for exactly where we wanted the holes punched for the snowflakes (so they're all the same, of course--you know the perfectionist twins over here--hehe!) and for where to place the white strip on the inside of the card.

Leah put together two complete cards--one with the red snowflakes and one with the burgundy--so we could see the finished product. Band? Confetti? Such crafter excitement! We LOVE them!! (I do have pictures, I promise.)

Then Leah sat and used the template to punch holes with the Japanese Screw Punch while we watched Northern Exposure. She punched all the holes and even put together some of the larger snowflakes and attached them with the snowflake brad on the white front pieces. And we both agreed that Northern Exposure was just as good today as it was when it first aired in 1990! Leah was just a little girl, but she remembers the show. So good, in fact, that Leah wants me to save the rest of the episodes until she comes back to work on cards again--hehe! :)

Which we thought would be today, but now we're planning on Sunday. Leah forgot that she had an appointment to give blood after work. Plus she is going to hit the craft stores in town for more snowflake brads and small white brads--and she has other shopping to do, too. We only bought enough brads for our own cards (~80)--and I think we are short on the small white brads. But now, since we have assorted extra snowflake parts, we'd like to even them up and make up additional cards for our Etsy shop. Maybe not for this year (getting to be too late), but we can always post them for next Christmas.

Anyways, after Leah's bloodletting and all that running around it would be getting late , so we figured she should just go home tonight and she'll come over on Sunday again. I'm actually on the useless side right now, anyways. And I have groceries coming today and am due to wash clothes soon. So--in the meantime I'll putter away with the cards and maybe we can finish them all up on Sunday--tada!

Funny--by the time I am able to post pictures I won't even have to write anything about them--ROFL! Well, that's about it from here for now. I am going to be really annoyed if I can't post pictures by tomorrow. They were quick to take my money but slow to respond with promised services. And I can bet you it will be nigh on to impossible to connect with a human being at Google...humm? They're not run by the government are they? ROFL! :):)


AliceKay said...

I guess I don't understand where your limit in posting pictures lies. Here on Blogger or someplace else?

I loved Northern Exposure and watched it faithfully when it aired. Good show. Quirky, but good.

It's good that Leah is able to donate blood. It's greatly needed. My husband donates blood as often as he's allowed. He's O-Negative and the Red Cross calls him to be sure he can get to the blood drives. I used to donate but my anxieties finally took over so I don't anymore. :(

I hope your pictures post for you soon.

Intense Guy said...

Hmm.. Blogger uses Google's Picasa Web photo storage service and for "free" accounts there is a limit. They have 20 GB for only $5 but perhaps you need to make sure the new "quota" is associated with the public folders blogger is using. I'm not real familar with Picasa Web service so I really don't know how the "behind the scenes plumbing" is arranged.

One thing you might think about doing is logging in over there:

And seeing if there are any "way big" in terms of file size pictures that used in a blog post and make 'em smaller. I don't know how to "search" or arrange the photos there by dimension or size. I do know you can edit them and resize them - to reclaim space.

I accidently uploaded some 5 Meg pictures into Blogger (there is no need to go bigger than say about 200 K) and chewed up a bunch a space that I later reclaimed this way.

Hope you get things straightened out with Google...

...and I hope you AND Leah the Light Bringer got a whole bunch of rest!

Rita said...

AliceKay--It is complicated, I think. Any pictures you post on go into a free Picasa account. I didn't know this for a long time--Leah showed me. I didn't even know I had a Picasa picture account. You get just so much room with the free Picasa account--and if you delete pictures there--they delete off of your blog! So, I had to buy more space.

The two accounts are automatically connected via google, from what I understand. It's like they automatically store your pictures from your blog, I guess. But you can add other pictures to your Picasa account. I guess it is supposed to be somewhat like Flickr--but I have never done anything with my Picasa account. I do use Flickr, tho--once in a while--when I finally get around to it--hehe! I'm glad I finally figured it out and can post again today (Friday).

I'm proud of Leah for donating blood! I didn't even know she did that. That's so nice your hubby does, too. :)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy--Yup! I finally figured it out. And if you delete pictures they get deleted off my blog, too! As far as how "big" the pictures are--I just shoot them--hehe! I think Leah knows how to make the camera use less pixels or whatever it is called. But--I will continue to just shoot and use them--hehe! I have a lot of room again and it took me this long to fill up what I had, so I should be good for a long time with the $5 a year. Whew! I hope so!

I love it--Leah the light bringer!! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

I'm glad to hear Northern Exposure hasn't dated.....I'm expecting my copies of Seasons 1 & 2 any day now. I can hardly wait!

I used to give blood too...of course, after having my tattoo done earlier this year, I'm not allowed to donate again for something like three years.

Serena Lewis said...

A lot of bloggers aren't aware that they have Picasa accounts...I discovered mine by accident about six months after I started my blog. It's funny that they don't make it more obvious.

The other day, I was having problems with my images not opening into a new page but rather, offering the viewer to download it to their computer instead. I tried to contact Blogger but, man oh man, that was an impossible task. I kept getting directed back to their Help directory of Blogger issues. I ended up rectifying the problem myself but I wasn't impressed with the lack of real support.

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
Leah and I will be watching more Northern Exposure today (Sunday). I think you might like it just as much, too. :)

I didn't know that about tattoos and giving blood! I know they are really careful, tho--and that is good. You sure don't want to have to wonder when you are getting blood, right? Since some doctors seem to think that fibromyalgia might be a virus--I haven't tried to give blood since I got it. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. :)

It is anything but obvious about the Picasa acccounts. I'm glad Leah showed me. And it isn't obvious that if you delete from the Picasa that you are deleting from your blog, too. Weird how that is automatically done for you. I guess it is nice to know the pictures are also csaved out in cyberspace tho--if you lose your computer files for some reason. That's the plus side. :)