Friday, July 02, 2010


Was so steamy out there that Karma didn't even want to sit up to eat her grass!
She just gnawed at what she could reach. Now that's too hot to move--hehe!
She used the table leg as a pillow in-between her listless grass chomping. But I didn't get a picture because she saw me with the camera and begged to come in. To hot and humid even for the heat-seeking furball Karma.
I had to take about a dozen pictures to get these. The camera wanted to just focus on the copper frame and refused to focus on the clear nose pad--hehe! Stubborn thing! And you know I have to be careful in the sunlight around all that craft paper not to start a fire with these things--ROFL!! (Sadly--these are actually thinned down or shaved, believe it nor not.)
It has almost split in half.
Well, I decided to try some super glue for now. That should last me for a while. It is just plain too dang hot and sticky to drive around in a car with no AC if I don't absolutely have to. Feels like you hit a wall when you step outside. Hard to breathe. So, I'll wait till the heat and humidity breaks.
Was on the McLap a lot again yesterday. Have my grocery order all ready to go. Caught up some online (always fun!). I did also started watching Creation about Darwin last night, but too tired to finish it. Going to finish it after I am done blogging. :)
Wind coming our way a bit more this morning, but not enough to slam the dryer vent cover--so far--knock on wood. ;) Another day in the 90's and miserable. Tomorrow is supposed to be, too--but then scattered thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon and will maybe cool it off a little. I hope it will help the humidity level to drop. Ahhh--summer in Minnesota. Ooops! I mean North Dakota. Same difference, I guess. I am only a hop and a skip over the border, after all, and am a born and bred Minnesotan. Don't know as I will ever feel like a North Dakotan? Lived in Wisconsin for seven years and still felt like a Minnesotan the whole time there, too. Minnesota will always be home to me, I guess. Nothing will change that--least of all location--ROFL!! :):)
"Deep roots are not reached by the frost."
J.R.R. Tolkien


Toriz said...

Yep, that's hot alright!

Deanna said...

It's amazing what can be accomplished with a little super glue. Stay out of the sunlight now, ya hear?

Karma is such a cute furball. Does he share his greens with you? :)

AliceKay said...

My cat, Boots, sometimes used to lay beside his food dish while eating. LOL Karma reminds me so much of him.

I hope the super glue works until you can get back to Pearle. That nose pad is definitely defective. Hurts my nose just looking at it.

The humidity was very bad here on Monday, but the past few days have been beautiful. Windy, but it's been the 70s. Heat will be returning on Sunday for three days. We're very dry here. The creeks and river are showing just how dry, not to mention the gardens and hayfields.

I hope you stayed cool today and enjoyed the end of 'Creation'.

akartisan said...

the nose pads are an easy fix once you get to the shop - they just snap on a new pair and there shouldn't be any charge to you. I used to have mine replaced several times.

I remember the heat from when I lived in California and Kansas City - thank goodness it only gets in the 90's once in awhile here. Although we did have a whole week of it last month.

Intense Guy said...

Too hot to moooooo-ve...


If you speak like a Minnesotan, you will always be one...I bet you know the proper way to:

Use phrases such as "You bet", "That's different", and "whatever"

Refuse food three times before accepting

The fine art of waving

Know what Hotdish and Lutefisk are...

Talk about cars and starting cars in the winter

And are expert at the Minnesota "long goodbye"

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about Karma laying down eating the grass, hehehe.

Im so sorry about your glasses hopefully the glue will work out for you, I used to have to take my daughter to get hers changed often because those things would start to turn green after a while, I guess from her sweating so much and just life with glasses *shrugs*

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Serena Lewis said...

Yep, the nose pads are an easy fix...I've never had that happen before and I've had the same glass frames with nose pads for nearly ten years...have only had a new prescription eye-piece fitted once although I should really get another script soon.

Poor Karma...too hot to even stand and eat the grass. Cute ~ :)

I hope the thunderstorms don't cause any damage.

Rita said...

Toriz-- :)

Deanna--And duct tape--hehe! She probably would share, but I decline--even tho we used to pull blades up eat the white part close to the roots when I was a kid. ;)

AliceKay--Talk about the epitome of lazy, eh? Cracks me up. The super glue is holding up. We had a rainstorm come thru last night so today is only supposed to be mid-80's. :)

Sue--They shouldn't charge me--better not try. Just a matter of getting over there. :) I think I might like Alaska weather. :)

Iggy--Sounds like you watched the "How To Talk Minnesotan" on PBS--hehe! All true! It's all true! Often, tho, it's "You betcha" with the other phrases you mentioned. And "You know?" is tagged onto every other sentence, you know? ROFL! Hotdish! Doesn't everybody know what hotdish is? I think, male and female, we talk about the weather more than anything else in casual conversation. And there's the finger wave while driving in the country....
Does this qualify as a long goodbye? ROFL!

Lynn--Karma is such a lounger! ;) I haven't had that problem with the nose pads for some reason. Happy 4th!

Serena--My last pair I had for about 8 years and finally one of them broke off. I superglued it back in the slot and quick put the glasses on so it would be positioned properly--and that was at least a year ago. And it is still on. That is my backup pair now. ;) We must have been lucky, Serena, eh? I didn't even know people had these problems with them. I've never had to have a nose pad replaced. And I've had several pairs of glasses with nose pads and even had my dad's service issue Navy wire rims from the 40s made into rose colored glasses for myself back in the 60s--and the nose pads were never replaced. Hence my shock--hehe! But I don't think I've ever had nose pads that are made with two pieces put together before. Not a better mousetrap, apparently.

Leah said...

Rita, if you'd like I could take you quickly over to Pearle Vision sometime this week, right after work in a car with A/C to get new nose pads for your glasses. :) Just let me know.

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

Leah--Thanks! We'll try for next week. See how the weather goes. LY