Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Obviously the last couple days with little sleep did me in. I laid down for a "nap" and slept almost 8 hours! Slept all day. So much for staying on the day shift--hehe!
I figured that I'd blog since it feels like "my" morning--even if it is the same day.
I think I forgot to tell you that I did have the other tooth x-rayed. They didn't see anything at all--nothing--nada. So, it could maybe be sinus or an abscess that can't be seen yet (which I doubt). No answers there. And I am not up to going to the doctor until I have this tooth taken care of. I already have a visit with my rheumatologist lined up for the beginning of August--for the arthritis and fibro. Can't miss his or I have to wait 2-3 months to get back in. So I hope I am in good shape at that time. If not, well--I don't have anything really new to report other than I had weaned myself off the pain pills and the osteoarthritis is slowly moving right along. So another few months wouldn't matter, I guess. But I hope to make it. :)
I got a letter that I have been handed over to a collection agency (Merit Care for the jaw surgery--they actually did it) and I got a payment book for one of the school loans (the new company expects $157 a month--and that's only one of the two school loans I have)--so I will have to force myself to make some phone calls. Which is going to be fun with my days and nights askew--oh well. *sigh*
Anyways, let's see...what else? Oh--the plan is for Dagan to set up my computerTV system this coming Tuesday while Leah and I work on getting the bookmarks ready for lamination. We need to cut white cardstock backings--attach and stamp them. In the meantime, I'll see if I can get to the stamping of the rest of the backs of our cards with our new stamps or maybe work on some more bookmarks with the other paint brands I have left to try. No promises. :)
Answering questions. My folks drove up this year from Florida (they have flown a couple of times) for the summer. They own a place at a summer trailer park near Saint Cloud, Minnesota that they stay every summer for a couple months. My dad will be 90 in November and my mom is 81. This is the first year my dad has occasionally used a walker. He has a bad hip that they don't want to repair due to his age, I guess--and he's the one with glaucoma who is blind in one eye now. My mom loves the "Conversations With God" series and my dad likes to play mahjong and other games on the computer. My folks drive from down by Saint Cloud up here to Fargo to visit Dagan, Leah, and I once or twice during their summer visit from Florida. We're one of the stops on a swing up north where they visit some other friends, also. My younger brother and sister live in the Twin Cities (where I am from).
Oh--and my dad was describing how large sandhill cranes are--distressed over the fact they heard they will be allowed to hunt them again after like 75 years.
BTW--any questions anybody has--feel free to ask! I don't know what you'd like to know and I am anything but secretive--hehe! :):)
I have been filling the holes with and hanging cat toys all over that rolling ball and mouse on a pole toy. Karma likes to take them off the toy...sometimes--hehe!
Well, glad I have a couple of Netflix movies to watch during the night here. Somehow I need to get over to K&Krafts and over to Pearle Vision and to the grocery store to get a few non-chew foods--Arg! Well, we'll see how the sleeping goes and when I'm awake...I want to try and make it before the weekend. That's "the plan"--ha! And you know how the majority of plans go up here in Fargo! Very, very slowly. ROFLMAO!!!
Somebody mentioned freecycle online today and I remembered I also want to give away the 30 gallon aquarium...but I need to be awake during the day for that, too. It will all happen. Patience, right?
Have a really, really nice Thursday. ;)
"No one has ever become poor by giving."
Anne Frank


AliceKay said...

I've been having problems with one tooth for several years, and xray after xray shows nothing wrong with it. (so why does it hurt and feel like there's a hole in it?) My dentist says it might have a crack but he can't do anything with it until it completely breaks. :\

Sorry to hear Merit Care has turned your account over to a collection agency. Makes no sense when you've been making regular payments. The school loans sound impossible. I hope your phone calls go well.

Thanks for telling us about your folks. Your dad looks like he does very well for someone who is 90 years old (young). Your mom is a nice looking 81-year old (young) too. :)

Those are some nice "decorations" for Karma's mouse toy. She looks like she doesn't care in this pic. LOL

Have a really, really nice Thursday yourself. We have temps in the mid 60s at the moment, but it's nice clean air, and it feels good coming thru the windows. Supposed to get to 90 here today, but no storms on the horizon.

Intense Guy said...

Ah... so thats what the whopper your dad was telling Leah... about the sandhill cranes... I don't understand this fixation much of the human race has with hunting and killing things... I mean, you wouldn't actually eat a Sandhill Crane would you?

The Wild Turkii on the otherhand... :)

Toriz said...

I know the feeling about the flipped days and nights... Just when you think you're in a "normal" sleep cycle you either can't sleep, or you sleep longer than normal, and then the sleep cycle is backwards again. *Sigh*

I don't get why people hunt things they can't eat. I mean, although I'd rather not be a part of it myself, I do at least understand hunting and killing of things people do eat. But if you're not going to be able to make use of it as food... Why kill it? Enough animals die for food, without them ending up killed for sport too!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what a sandhill crane is unless it is one of those really tall long legged birds?? Good luck with getting your sleep schedule back on track :o) I hope you have a nice weekend!

Rita said...

AliceKay--Isn't that just so frustrating! I've had mysterious facial pain and swelling for over 6-7 years. Been to dentists, doctors, and an ENT specialist and nobody can find anything. But--this crack was new (I heard it crack! gross!) and something they sure could find--hehe!

Sadly, I have been totally flipped with my days and nights, so I haven't made any phone calls. Hopefully next week. I have no clue as to what a collection agency thinks they can do since they can't take money from my SS check? Maybe they plan on taking away stuff I own and selling it? Who knows? It all just makes me so tired. Thank goodness Karma isn't worth anything, eh? hehe!

My folks sure do still get around. Driving from Florida to Minnesota every year--galavanting about--hehe!

It has been in the 60 during the night here, but back up to hot during the day. I hope you don't have any more storms for a while. :)

Rita said...

Iggy--We were wondering if they ate them, too? They do have bodies as big or bigger than turkeys, so I suppose they could. ?? I think it is against the law to kill the wild turkeys, but I'm not positive. I wonder if they go south before Thanksgiving?--hehe!

Tori--Yes! That is what has happened to me--and happens fairly regularly, as you know. I can't sleep for a few days and then I am sleeping extra thing I know I am up with the vampires--ROFL!

I am curious as to whether people will actually eat the cranes? And you'd think they would be very concerned now with the birds who migrate due to the oil spill in the gulf?? I should try to google it. :)

Lynn--Yes--they are the tall long-legged birds. Cranes are really quite beautiful and elegant to watch.

Hope you have a really nice weekend, too! :):)

Intense Guy said...

I looked it up - people do eat Sandhills. Apparently they are considered a game animal and it would be illegal to do anything with them after killing except to eat all edible parts.

From what I can tell, people BBQ them like chicken and claim they taste quite good.

They are legal to hunt in many states along their migratory flyway. Since it is state-by-state, Florida apparently hadn't made it legal "yet". I guess they want the money from hunting licenses more than they want the birds.

Rita said...

I looked it up on google, too. Minnesota is having the first licenses in September. Some states you can't eat them, some you can. Some you can shoot them, some you can't. Not very organized.

I looked them up on google images and they are the ones with the red heads that I thought they were. Big brown birds with red crowns on their heads--very nice looking. Saw piles of dead ones people were showing off, too. Not sure why they are allowing any of the migratory birds that might go thru the gulf to be game birds right now. Not for a while--until we see what will happen with the population, you know? Time will tell. Humans don't think ahead too much, as we know.

You are the king of online research, my friend! ;)

Serena Lewis said...

Personally, I hate the thought of people hunting and killing wild animals and birds whether for food or sport. In this day and age, we don't need to hunt to survive as meat is readily available in a supermarket.

I also hate that they hunt kangaroo in parts of's our national emblem!

Rita, I am so, so sorry that you will now have collection agencies after you. Surely, if it went to court, a judge could not rule against you being that you are on a disability pension???!!! Not to mention the fact that you have been paying at least some money each month...surely that counts for something?

Rita said...

Serena--I agree with you. Up here people hunt a lot. Deer season is really big, but at least most people eat them. (As you know...been having a hard time with any meat after watching that movie! Even commercials. And shows like Deadliest Catch.)

I really don't know what they can do to me, if anything, with the oral surgeon's bill. It is supposed to be illegal for them to touch my check? I rent and don't really own anything of value? Apparently making regular payments doesn't count any more. It used to count for something. Not any more, I guess. :(