Saturday, July 03, 2010


Karma just sits like this when she wants to go out--expecting me to notice her. If I don't after a few minutes, then she'll complain and meow at me to get my attention.
I did catch Miss Lazin' In The Heat yesterday snoozing against the table leg. That just doesn't look comfortable at all.
Here's the latest wet sheet made with the Sennelier paints.
The wind picked up in the afternoon. Karma tried to relax outside but the porch screen flapping in the breeze kept her awake. She gave up and came in, but the dryer vent cover was beating against the building--ROFL!
Later on in the evening when the wind died down and it was quieter, Karma went out to enjoy snoozing in the heat--and she didn't want to come back in! I had to go out at midnight and get her so I could go to bed--ROFL!
Here's the sheet dry. I mostly post the wet and dry for myself, I guess. I like to see which paints hold their colors and which ones fade a lot after they dry. Now I have a blog record. ;) Sennelier didn't change much at all.
Greens and blues this time...
...with golden blobs and... ink spray. Me trying to use a toothbrush for spraying--ROFL! [Works better with paint. Ink is too liquid and drippy and doesn't stay on the toothbrush.]
This is such fun!! Definitely food for the soul!! :):)
I was right. My check was early (because of the 4th of July) so I was able to order groceries in the morning. They still had later time slots open--groceries came about 6pm--tada! My project for this weekend is to cut up all the mushrooms, peppers, and squash and freeze them in smaller portions. Don't want to lose any this month.
I hope all the US folks have a nice holiday weekend. I plan to stay cool inside and maybe work on some card challenges and some more bookmark play. :) Karma will probably be laying around in the heat chewing grass--hehe!
"Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow.'"
The Talmud


AliceKay said...

Always love seeing pics of Karma. No, that definitely did not look like a comfortable position. Must have been just fine for her, tho. LOL

I liked the green and blue, with the splashes of gold. I'm glad you're enjoying doing these. These are really nice.

I'm glad you were able to get your groceries a little earlier. I picked peas in my dad's garden last night (my parents are in Utah so Dad can go fishing) and I got a good sized package in the freezer. I wasn't going to try to pick them but I didn't want to see them go to waste while he was away.

I hope you're having a good Saturday. Hot and sunny here today. Not a cloud in the sky and the humidity level is down.

Anonymous said...

The greens and blues are pretty together. Karma looks so funny passed out by her grass lol

Serena Lewis said...

Cody does the exact same as Karma if he wants outside to do his business. He will just sit at the back door and wait for someone to notice him. If that doesn't happen, he'll let out a little growl...if he's still not noticed, he will let out one bark to get someone's attention. Too cute!

The bookmarks look great...greens and blues go so well together yet I'm reminded of a saying my youth - "Blues and greens should never be seen". How wrong that was!

Rita said...

AliceKay--I'm glad you went out and picked the peas. I agree--they shouldn't go to waste! Yes--this is such fun playing with the paints. Been over a year since I've had a paint brush in hand. :)

Lynn--Thanks! :):)

Serena--If I don't come and let her out after she meows and meows she'll throw herself on the floor and kind of pout...and eventually fall asleep by the door.

When she was a kitten she'd meow all the time to go out and say I was busy in the kitchen--I'd finally get over there to let her out and she'd change her mind! Soooo annoying! So, I taught her not to do that by making her go outside--if I had to chase her around the apartment or drag her out from under the bed--if she begged to go outside, well she darn well was going outside. I think that is why she sits silently for sooo long now before she meows. I'll let her off the hook if she hasn't been vocal about her request. ROFLMAO!! ;)

I don't remember hearing that saying about blues and greens. Fashion changes so much anyways. :):)

akartisan said...

My girlfriend has a saying on a sign on her wall:

"My day consists of Let the Cat Out, Let the Cat In!"

Too true sometimes. I leave my back screen door cracked and have taught mine to go in and out by themselves, so I don't have to do that. Now if I could just teach them to go in the toilet so I could get rid of the catbox, that would be wonderful - but not happening anytime soon. LOL

Toriz said...

Glad you could get your groceries early this time. Hope you got everything cut up and frozen before it went bad.

Intense Guy said...

You must have enough bookmarks for each and every page of that Ken Follet novel...

Rita said...

Sue--I am always amazed by cats who can do their business right in a people toilet! Would be nice, tho. :)

Tori--Yes! I did get to my veggies and mushrooms!! :)

Iggy--Not quite, but close. Maybe by the time I am done playing wth all my little palettes--hehe! I think I have at least six to go. ;)