Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Dagan cut me five of these pieces of scrap carpeting for Karma's cat box...
...which is this cheap child's toy box from Target. That Leah is so clever! She cut an entrance hole in the end before she put it together and we found a cheap plastic tub she cut down that fit inside for the actual litter box. Anyways, I lay a piece of carpet on the bottom to help catch dirty feet as she exits. Here's the before...
...and here's the after. All cleaned up with new carpeting. Not that it looks that much different--but it smells a little better--hehe! Be glad there are no smell-o-blogs--ROFL! Caroline went the extra mile yesterday! And do you think Miss Karma had a kind thank you? Nope. I certainly didn't raise her to be so rude. Cats do not take instruction well.
Anyways, a really bad thunderstorm was passing thru right about the time Dagan and Leah were getting off work so they went home, got their cars in the garage (to avoid the half-dollar size hail if it happened to hit here--didn't), and waited it out. It was traveling pretty darn fast. They came over about an hour later and we had dinner. Then, while Dagan watched TV (America's Got Talent)...
...Leah peeked at it, too, we sorted the cards by the color ink we'd use on the backside, and she started stamping the backsides of the cards.
So glad I bought that stamp-a-ma-jig! Can get the stamp exactly where you want it. Well, unless you lose your grip--hehe!
So here's examples of our new custom-made stamps!
Looking all official, now, with our etsy website stamp, eh?
Plain ariel font and easy to read. We're happy with them. :)
I caught Miss Karma sniffing the mouse on the pole toy late last night--hehe! Guess I should buy some of that catnip spray. ;)
Dagan still needs to bring over cords and such and is waiting for that part to come--but he brought pieces with last night as long as they were coming over. Not sure what these things are...
...but they are all pretty heavy.
I've been up late, as you know. Well last night, about the time I was ready for bed, another bad storm went thru--loud thunder and such lightning that the sky was lit up! The weather folks were up and on TV--and talking tornado sightings. Hate when they come in the dead of night. You can't see them and you're not dressed--hehe!
I turned off the TV and McLap--ended up reading Pillars and not getting to bed till almost dawn. So, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Oh well. Maybe I'll get to bed earlier tonight then? Hope so.
Today is going to be a quiet day. If I do anything extra it will probably be to putter with the card stamping. I'll keep catching up online. Even after the storms went thru--not a day to open the windows and it is supposed to be getting hotter over the next couple days, too. Summer.
Hope you're having a good week. :):)
I love this quote today!
"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
Mark Twain


Toriz said...

All this card making is making me want to have a go again. I haven't done any since I lost my sight. Used to make cards for everyone for everything... Even made birthday cards for the furkids. It's one of the things I miss.

Anyway... I'm glad the "tornado" only ended up being a storm where you are. There was a nasty but quick storm here earlier too.

Maybe miss Karma is waiting to creep up on the mouse toy when it isn't expecting it?

A cat, say thank you? Not going to happen! As far as cats are concerned people should do their bidding simply for the privalage of being allowed to wait on them. After all, what human wouldn't want to be a cat's slave?

Intense Guy said...


That's a really cool cat litter box/roomette. I've never seen one so neatly done.

Being (largely) deaf, and the commenter before me being blind... I find Mark Twain's quote very apt.


Rita said...

Tori--Ah!! Another card-maker! I wonder if you could figure out a way to make them? Talk about a challenge!! I sat here thinking of how I could do that without my eyes?! If you are good with computer programs I bet you could use pictures you have taken and put them on the front of a card and print them. It's not the same as handmade cards, but that came to mind right away. I have made some computer cards in the past. I'd really miss making cards and all my other art & craft projects, so I know I'd have to figure out something. I used to knit....

Knowing you now has made me think more about sight--and with Dagan being diagnosed at only 35...and my eyes almost there... Well, I know life goes on and you adapt because you have to. I've lived thru enough to know that down to my bones. You are a survivor with a wonderful spirit. I am honored to know you. Glad I found you thru Mr. Intense. ;)

And you're right. Cats are not big into thank yous...or apologies. But you can get one out of them on occasion--hehehe! ;) I'm just another cat poop slave over here. :)

Rita said...

Iggy--Isn't that Leah always thinking of great solutions! I needed something that I could hide a cat box in for my hallway in this small place--and she came up with this solution. :):)

I thought the quote was appropriate. ;) I knew you had trouble hearing, but I didn't know it was to that extent. I know you have tinnitus like I do (so annoying). Sorry to hear that. Mr. Twain had some of the best sayings. That man had a lot of humor and common sense. :):)

Toriz said...

That would work, but it's not the same with just printed photos (although, I do know how I could get that done if it came to it). I'd like to have a go at doing it properly again though.

I used to do all kinds of crafts... Cross stitch and card making being the main ones. I had loads and loads of card making stuff, but I gave them to Rachel (my sister-in-law) when I fully lost my sight.

Anonymous said...

I love that quote too, I really do!

I have read Pillars of the Earth I really loved that book, hated to see it end. I have World without End which I started I just have so much going on I havent read any in quite a while.

I love your card stamps, those are very nice and look very professional.

I just have to say that is the coolest idea I have ever seen for a cat litter box, I wish I had thought of that when I had indoor cats in the past :o)

Hope you are having a good day!

AliceKay said...

That cat box is really neat. Leah had a great idea there.

Your stamps on the back of the cards look very professional. I like them. :)

Karma was trying to sneak a sniff of that mouse but you caught her. Too funny. LOL

I'm glad the hail storm (and the possible tornado) didn't hit your area. I get antsy with bad thunderstorms.

Good luck with the new internet/tv setup.

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Love the new stamps that you and Leah are using to mark your cards! Very cool! That was a crazy storm that we had that night, wasn't it? :)

Rita said...

Tori--Ya, I know. Wouldn't be the same to use a computer. Maybe you could go and play at Rachel's sometime and see what you could do--and Rachel could probably give you a little help, too. Even just once for the heck of it. Nothing to lose if it doesn't work and I bet Rachel is good company--hehe! ;)

Lynn--Thanks! Yes--Pillars is one you hate to have end, despite it being so long--hehe! World Without End is next for me. The best thing about Leah's idea is that it doesn't look like a cat box sitting in my hallway. ;)

AliceKay--Leah is so smart! Thanks! I'm glad we didn't get the worst of that storm. Seems North Fargo got it the worst as far as right here in town. The storm covered a lot of area and came in the two waves. You can see why Dagan and Leah wanted their cars in the garage--the grapefruit size hail was in that first evening storm front. We've been very lucky. Haven't even lost power this year. :)

Rita said...

Jennifer--Ya! I was just about to crash for the night and the thunder and lightning and wind woke me right up! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Ooooooops....meant to say that I love the custom made stamps!

Serena Lewis said...

Leah is so clever to come up with such a nifty cat box. I know from your later posts that you were okay as far as storms went....tornado sightings would have left me feeling very wary too.

Rita said...

Serena--Thanks on the stamps! :)
Leah comes up with great solutions for all kinds of household and storage issues.
We've been lucky that we haven't had any damage personally with all these storms passing thru this summer. I wish we'd get out of this storm cycle we seem to be in. Well--eventually fall will arrive, right? Then it will be ice and blizzards--ROFL! ;)