Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday-6:15pm--Internet problems

I hope I can get this to post if I am very patient and keep trying.
Just wanted to let you know that I will probably be offline for a while.
Internet dreadfully slow and constantly disconnecting.
Dagan said the replacement motherboard was scheduled to arrive today, so he plans to build the system and set it up for me later this week.
So--until I get switched to another provider (or Cable One suddenly works-no point in calling them if I will be canceling them in a few days, as it can take them a few days to even get here in the first place)...later gator! ;)


  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I hope everything works out with the new system and sorry to hear about the slow and disconnecting internet I know from experience that can be very frustrating, hope you are having a good week!

  2. Internet problems can be very frustrating. (take this from someone who has cable guys buried in her back yard...LOL)

    I hope you get your problems fixed soon. I would really miss seeing pictures of Karma. :)

  3. Someone needs to send Karma over to the cable guy's house and have her sit on him....

    I hope you get things fixed up soon! I'm gonna be missing you and Karma!

  4. I hope it all goes well with the new motherboard, Rita...missing you already! :(

  5. Hope everything works out with the new system, and that you don't end up offline for too long!

  6. The internet has become such a large part of everyday life that it is a major thing when you don't have it - at least it is for me. Hope you are back online soon.


  7. Miss you, dear lady ~ xo

  8. Hi Everybody!
    My Internet connection comes and goes. Since it is letting me answer blog comments today pretty well--at least I am getting caught up on answering all of you. CableOne claims they see nothing on their end and it must be my equipment--but they say this every time. I am not up to going round and round with them till I can finally get them to come out here only to discover that when they hooked someone else up or disconnected someone else in my apartment building that they accidentally loosened my connection. This happens once a year or so and takes days to fix. Since I am set up to get a different provider next Thursday--I am just waiting it out rather than dealing with them. Be glad when I can call them and say goodbye. ;)

    I usually try once a day to see if I can blog. Haven't tried today yet. Was just thrilled I could answer you all!! :)

    I do feel cut off. Can read emails, but can't always answer them. If I can manage a blog in the meantime I certainly will fill you in--hehe!

    BTW--AliceKay and Iggy--you both cracked me up!!

  9. Hope it all gets resolved quickly and you get your new system set up. :)

  10. Thanks, Barb! Looks like it could be a while. I'm set up for the new Internet hookup for Thursday the 15th. :)


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