Monday, July 19, 2010


Beautiful day.
Still pretty hot (86 degrees), but not as humid.
I headed to the dentist's office.
Not good news today.
So I figured, now that I am home and have cooled off (PitaPaseo was like a sauna), that I should blog before the novocaine wears off. The tooth has cracked almost in half down into the root--at an angle--and the one piece has shifted. The tooth can't be saved and he wasn't able to tackle pulling it. Too tricky.
They were going to set me up with the oral surgeon. I explained my relationship with Merit Care and the oral surgeon's payments from my jaw surgery--threatening phone calls, even tho I make a payment each and every month. They could possibly even refuse to take me as a patient again.
My only other option is this dentist who comes (to the "poor folk" clinic) about once a month and is sometimes able to do the trickier procedures. Trouble is--he's not back till August 13th. There is no guarantee he will even be able to do it, but this dentist assured me that he wouldn't agree to remove the tooth if he wasn't sure he could do it.
Wait three weeks with this split tooth and maybe avoid dealing with Merit Care...I jumped at that option! They seemed surprised I would choose to wait. I left them laughing, tho. Pain is my game--my constant companion--hehe! They kept telling me that if I couldn't stand it to call them. They know I have darvocet for my fibro that I can take, too.
So--I am thinking positive. Saying prayers that this other doctor will be able to remove the tooth. I kept visualizing on the way home that he was standing over me saying--"yes, I can do this for you. We can take care of this for you right now."
All positive thoughts appreciated. :):)
And you can bet I will be taking my pain pills--diarrhea or no diarrhea--ROFL!! :)
I just wanted to say that I am not really sure how often I will be blogging and/or online for these next three weeks while I am waiting this out. I may be blogging pretty much every day as usual or I may need to take a break--short or long. Just wanted to warn you so you don't worry about me. I know I'll be okay. But I just might not feel like talking much sometimes. I can guarantee you I will have days I will want to stay curled up in my pjs and just lose myself in a book or a movie to escape the pain. I was all set to deal with these ten days. Now I have to buck up for another three weeks...or more.
I feel like a deflated balloon at the moment. I might be able to blow myself right back up--but I do have a big old friggin' leak for a while--LOL!
Karma says hi.
I've got a puzzle of a quote for today. I didn't understand Nietzsche in philosophy class in college. (Thought he was a bit daft!) I don't understand what this quote actually means--but it sounds mysteriously cool. I feel totally thrown into inner chaos right now--dancing stars should be shooting out my a** any moment!! ROFL!!
"One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."
Friedrich Nietzsche


Intense Guy said...

Hmm... 3 weeks... :( That doesn't sound too good.... *Hugs*

Mr. Nietzsche was ... a bit odd... as was Franz Kafka.

However, in this case, his quote is truly "you"...

Nietzsche loved dancing. He believed dancing is the most genuine form of expressing the soul, and that the philosopher should love nothing more than to dance.

What he is saying is that without passion and freedom, we could never come up with great ideas, artwork or innovations.

AliceKay said...

Man, I'm really sorry to hear about your tooth. I was hoping it would be a "quick fix" for you and you would be back home and the tooth pain would just be a memory. Hang in there. I hope the next three weeks go by quickly.

*waves to Karma*

I don't know who Friedrich Nietzche is (or was). I'm not a scholar and have only a high school education. :\ Sometimes I feel inferior to all of you who have gone to college and have studied these people. I suppose I could google him, but I'm too tired tonight to do will take Iggy's word as to his meaning for this quote.

I hope the pain pills help. I can't take Darvocet. Tried them once after I had a tooth extracted by an oral surgeon, but it made me very sick. Haven't touched them since.

I loved your pictures of the white puffy clouds against the nice blue sky. Somehow they seem like you're right up there with them. :)

akartisan said...

Did you ask them to put you on a cancellation list? Seems like they should have given you antibiotics in case there is an infection from the tooth beside it being cracked.

Clove oil is supposed to deaden tooth pain. You put it on with a q tip.

I hope something resolves for you on this and soon. Three weeks is too long to wait on something like that.

Anonymous said...

First of all I just have to say I love how upbeat you are even when giving bad news, I am so sorry for the outcome of your dentist appt. I will pray my heart out for you that the pain will not be bad while you have to wait for the next appt and I surely understand if you do not feel like posting much while waiting you take care of you girl and your friends will still be here when you return :o)

Rita said...

Iggy--Yes-3 weeks is a long time. Perservere, right? :)

Oh yes--wasn't Kafka the cockroach guy? I thought I would love philosophy, but it was more of a debating ground than anything else. Found it just frustrating--all the debating interpretations of what vague people meant--ROFL! But I see what you are saying. ;)

AliceKay--Oh, I was so ready to come home and be able to chew and be done with the throbbing. Oh well. *Karma nods back*
Don't feel inferior! I found half the people in college don't know what they're talking about and/or argue about what somebody else was talking about. ;) I didn't go to college until I was 48 years old and couldn't finish (health).
Morphine and sulfa both make me really sick. Glad I can take these if I need them. :)

Sue--There is no cancellation list. This dentist only comes there on certain days of the month and that is the first day he's back. There's no infection right now. So I don't need antibiotics. But if it feels like it is, I can call them right away. I've also been told by several people to try oragel or whatever that numbing cream is called. Sadly--I am used to dealing with constant pain. It's the sharper stuff that is harder to take. This is only sharper here and there--thank goodness. :)

Lynn--I figure if you don't laugh, you cry, right? hehe! Seriously--when I lose my sense of humor then you'll know I'm really in bad shape. I can usually find something funny--even if it is dark humor. ;) But sometimes when the pain level goes up--I am just useless. Don't get anything done. Spend my time absorbing the pain and staying on the better side of it as much as possible. Hard to explain. But it's almost a kind of meditation. Staying very relaxed and calm and keeping my mind busy. Sometimes just working at the computer is just too much. And I do get very tired. Amazing how pain can wear you out. Seems kind of silly to me, but it does. (My "normal" days are like when you have a bad flu--aching all over and tired.) But I'm doing okay so far. Still at the computer a few times a day. Thanks for your care and concern. :):)

Toriz said...

Love the quote!

That sucks about the tooth. I hope the other doctor/dentist can sort it for you, and that these next three weeks aren't too much torture!

Rita said...

Tori--You can't see the picture of the sign on the wall of the dentist's office. It says "No weapons allowed". I was shocked the first time I saw it.

Over here, regular dentist's won't take you if you don't have dental insurance. Medicare doesn't cover the dentist. So I go to the dentists who take the people nobody else will--I jokingly call the "poor folk's" dentists. But--weapons!?? ROFL! (I've never seen anyone who looked like they'd be carrying a weapon, BTW.)

I'm hanging in there. Thanks. :):)