Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So much for Karma thinking she was going to have a quiet snoozing day--hehe!
Caroline came to clean. Then Leah picked me up after work, we went to Pearle Vision so I could get new nose pieces (tada!), and we went to the Natural Foods Pet Shop. Karma is all set for a while! Two diet foods and this new Orijen 6-fish formula. (Karma does love her fish!)
We picked up food at Arby's. I had curly fries and potato cakes. Haven't had fries for a couple of years--delicious! I know, not very healthy--but if you only eat them every two years--hehe! We brought it home to my place to eat.
Dagan had arrived before we did and even greeted Karma sweetly--she hissed and ran away. So much for Karma changing her tune and becoming friendly--ROFL! Back to her old ways.
We ate and then Dagan and Leah worked on the computerTVsystem. Nothing was working right. Turned out the TV was too old. :(
So Dagan and Leah left to buy me a new TV. :) Shock!
While they were gone, Karma came out of hiding to view the chaos.
Here's the huge 32 inch TV.
There were cords and boxes everywhere!
Another new box (router) will be in the corner of my desk and the small tower modem thingie is gone now (we used that for CableOne internet).
The black box on top of my VCR is the computer. It has Windows! So now I have one with firefox, one with safari, and one with windows--do you believe it?!
Dagan and Leah arrived back with a floor model flatscreen that was on sale at Sears! More cords were moved around...this blue one will eventually go all around the room along the baseboard to get from my desk to the TV.
There was an antenna to hook up...
...on top of the bookcase next to the TV and closer to the windows. But it didn't work well. This antenna was the first one Dagan and Leah tried at their house. They ended up getting a better one and I will have to, too. Dagan is coming back on Friday because he works a half day.
We got it to play a DVD and watched youtube videos, tho. But it was getting really late and I need the other antenna to get it working right, so it was left until Friday.
Meanwhile--Leah wrote up ads for me on freecycle for the old TV, the 30 gallon aquarium in the garage, and my bags of card making magazines! I have had responses to all three of them and am setting up pickup times for this week.
Dagan and Leah left a little after midnight.
This is a bad picture I took of the new TV screen. Bad because it was an old movie from Netflix instant watch from the 60s, so the original picture wasn't very good--hehe! Was amazing to be able to watch the Netflix movies on the TV! Cool!
I took some pictures of what Leah had been doing last night, too--playing with the new flower dies!
We love these smaller ones that come in various sizes from Cuttlebug.
Got out the Cuttlebug present/gift package and stamp edged square dies, too.
Cut all of these out from scraps!
These are really going to be fun to play with! And they were all 40% off from JoAnn's online store. Nice! (I hate paying full price--hehe!)
Not much sleep again. But it was a beautiful cooler night! Finally--windows open all night and I still have them open so far today, too. Supposed to get up close to 80. But it's not humid!!! Gorgeous windows-wide-open day!!! Awesome! I hope the drop in humidity might mean we can get out of the storm cycle?? ;)
The TV is now sitting on the floor near the entryway--waiting for whoever comes with muscle to pick it up.
And here's a shot I took this morning of the skinny new TV from the side! Flat screens are just amazing!
Say a prayer for it. It was making little clicky noises last night from a speaker--and it's not refundable or returnable. Dagan said he could maybe hook up the small speakers he gave me for my desk computer onto this new TV. I could hardly hear the clicking sound anyways with my bad ears and tinnitus--so that's a good thing--hehe! Oh and Dagan said he could set speakers on the cabinet behind my chair to help me hear the TV better--wow! Nice!
I'm exhausted! :):)
My CableOne internet is disconnected, but I am still connected to CableOne TV in the bedroom for now. Good thing as that is where I have to watch TV for a couple days. They showed me how to watch tapes on my VCR on the new TV, but I can't get anything to work this morning. It just says no signal--I probably don't have something turned on. I'll just wait till Dagan comes back on Friday. No problem. I never really got "trained in" last night since it got so late. I'll take notes and learn how to work everything on Friday.
Wish me luck on getting rid of all the freecycle stuff this week! Meanwhile, my big project for the day is washing clothes. I am yawning...and off to switch the loads. :)
Dagan and Leah...thank you! thank you! thank you! :):):)
"In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy."
David Steindl-Rast


AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear you had problems with the tv and hookup at first. That was really nice of Dagan and Leah to go out and buy that tv for you. They're good kids. :) *says a little prayer for the tv as asked*

Looks like someone had fun cutting out all sorts of flowers last night. Looking good.

Good luck on getting rid of the freecycle stuff. I'm sure it won't take long.

*waves to Karma...wherever she may be*

akartisan said...

you won't know what to do with yourself - you'll have so many ways to watch things now! LOL!

Intense Guy said...

Now all you need is a Kitty Web Cam so Karma can do live CatWeed Smoking, How to Sleep With a Hard Pillow, and Fish Food Eating shows...


I'm glad you got your glasses fixed - thats got to be a relief for you.

Durn.. do Leah and Dagan hire out?

Rita said...

AliceKay--Well, we're still having troubles with the antenna. *sigh* But I am sure it will get worked out eventually. Thanks for the TV prayer!! ;)

Love the flower parts! We will have fun with those--layering and shading--ahhh! :)

Already have had lots of response to all the freecycle stuff! Magazines already gone. Nice!

Karma says hi! :):)

Rita said...

Sue--Hehehe! You're right! :)

Iggy--OMG!! A Karma web cam!! You just make me giggle!!
Yes--the glasses feel a lot better on the nose now. ;)
Dagan and Leah are both pretty frustrated with this whole project at the moment--ROFL! Glitches. Antenna problems. It will get sorted out, tho. You certainly know how that techie stuff goes sometimes--giggles! ;)

Anonymous said...

That is just so wonderful of your son and daughter in law buying the tv for you that is a nice looking flat screen. I love the paper flowers they are just darling :o)

Toriz said...

Sounds like a really productive day. :)

Rita said...

Tori--Productive--and a bit chaotic! :)

Rita said...

Lynn--Sometimes they just blow me away! :)

I know we are going to have fun with the paper flowers. They are cuter than we expected--and a great way to use up scraps, too. :)

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Sweet new TV! :) I bet it is really nice to be able to watch Netflix directly from it. We want to get that set up too...eventually.

Rita said...

It is awesome to watch Netflix instant movies on a big screen for once! You know, you can get that box from Netflix, too, for about $100, I think. :)