Monday, July 05, 2010


I worked on cards yesterday. I forgot that I can't leave a new space open for more than a few minutes...
...or Miss Karma thinks it's a new sleep spot. I was afraid for the plastic satchel, to be honest--but it survived the 20 pounds of fur-love snooze. I'll be more careful about putting them back, tho, in future. ;)
Proof of how OCD I am--this was what the table looked like ten minutes after I finished my last card. Almost everything back in its appropriate spot. :)
I worked on the challenges for StampTV. Two of the cards I had made in the past at card classes--but I made them, right? So I figured I could still use them for entries.
First one--make a card that was blue and green and that was due last night.
A sketch challenge that is due tonight.
Inspiration red, white, and blue card due Tuesday night. (This is one of the card class cards.)
This one due Wednesday was to use the heat embossing technique. I've never tried to use two colors of embossing powder at one time before. Excited that it worked! also has these online "parties" when they introduce their new stamp sets. I'm not exactly sure how often they have them, but it seems like about a month or so ago they had the last one. Anyways, they have separate challenges for these parties, too. This one was right before the holiday weekend and they were all due tonight.
Challenge One was a sketch challenge.
Challenge Two you had to have at least 9 circles (anything round--brads, gems, eyelets, etc). Already had this card from a class and added the small buttons. I like it better now with the extra buttons!
Challenge three was to make a black and white card with no other colors.
Anyways, I entered them all last night. Felt like an accomplishment. I do enjoy having the challenges to conquer. I have to think about how to meet them and often can fit in trying some new technique or product, too. :) I'll continue to do them when I can. Hopefully maybe once or twice a month. I'd do them every week if I could manage it. ;)
It was awful cloudy last night. I had the place closed up with the AC and fans going, so I didn't notice the fireworks off in the distance--or even pay attention as to whether they had them. I knew I couldn't see much at all with the clouds, anyways. Has to be fairly clear for me to see the fireworks displays in Moorhead. But on a clear night--I can watch three of them in action. Last night, just heard some going off in our parking lot, as usual. Karma hates them, so she was glad the windows were all closed, I think--hehe! She was less stressed this year.
Today--partly cloudy, mid-80's. I am washing clothes...and I should chop those veggies and mushrooms. ;) I think today is still considered the holiday weekend and there's no mail, if I recall correctly. So--happy end of the weekend--hehe! :):)
"Don't worry 'bout me
Now I am alright.
That worry I had,
Let it fade into the Light."
Rickie Byars Beckwith
Morning Chant


Toriz said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the craft challenges. :)

akartisan said...

The cards all turned out great! Sometimes it's good to have a challenge to makes us think differently than we would have otherwise. that's also why I like Atrists Trading Cards.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Ooooh how I wish I had OCD in the way of putting things back where they belong! *sigh*

Love the cards you have created :)

AliceKay said...

It's comical seeing how Karma can make any spot "her own". She's quite the cat. LOL

Those are some very nice cards you made and entered for those challenges. Very nice work.

Very hot here yesterday and today, as it is all up and down the east coast. Low to mid 90s and the humidity is returning. :\ Thankfully, we have the air conditioners and fans all running to help keep it cooler inside. *knocks on wood*

Intense Guy said...

Those cards are fabulous! You really had a huge spurt of creativity there!

Wow... you should write the manfacture of those plastic bins and tell 'em they are Karma Tested Tuff!


Serena Lewis said...

Cody stresses terribly with any loud noises and fireworks are too much like thunder for him. Luckily, we don't have fireworks here....well only by professionals for special events and under the strictest conditions.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cards! I can't even pick a favourite because you did so well on each ~ :)

Rita said...

Tori--The challenges kind of force you to think of and try new things. :)

Sue--Thanks! Yup--fun to stretch myself.

Sherry--Hello! Thanks! Don't worry--OCD can be very annoying sometimes--hehe! And you can't tell from the cards people make what their table looked like--ROFL!! ;)

AliceKay--Thanks! If it wasn't fun to do, I wouldn't do the challenges. Karma has the most personality of any cat I've ever had. :)

Iggy--I did! Puttered with them off and on all day. Ha!! They have absolutely been Karma Tested Tuff!! :):)

Rita said...

Serena--Karma is really scared of loud noises. She gets all nervous when the garbage truck comes to empty the dumpster twice a week--even when kids run in the hallway. She can act all lippy and pushy with me at times, but she's a real wussy cat--hehe!

Thanks! Glad you loved the cards, lady! :)