Saturday, July 31, 2010


Another one of those nights with less than 4 hours of sleep. Even Karma looked tired waiting to be let out on the porch this morning.
Yesterday was hectic--never got to the blog. But I have to fill you in on the day before! I discovered what it was that had that lady picking up the magazines glancing down the hallway and looking like she wanted to get away. Well, it wasn't to get away from the building. It was to get away from ME!!
I went down to check my mail. The elevator doors closed. And I read this scratched on the inside of the door!! "301 is a bitch"!
Even I thought it said 301 at first glance. But when I leaned in to look closer it looks like they were trying to write 309, but that downstroke was so deep...OMG!
Well, if I was that lady heading to 301 and not knowing me from Adam and seeing the announcement inside the elevator that I was so hated in the building that they scratch about it in their spare time to warn people about me...I would have been nervous, too! Here she wasn't looking down the hall at anything--it was probably to avoid eye contact with me!!
I knew something was "off" and something in the building had bothered her--I could feel it. But I never could have guessed it was elevator graffiti! About me--if you didn't look close enough!
I did think it was funny, but I also don't want any attention drawn to me in this building, as I have said before. Just recently they have been trying to paint over the elevator door every time they scratch it up. (Which means it is only graffiti-free for 2-3 days at the most--the battle rages on.) I just prayed that they paint over this right away! And they did. Ahhh!
But--I still giggle over that poor woman! If I had known, I could have whined after her as she scuttled down the hallway..."No! Really! It's not me! I am not the bitch! It's 309! 3-0-9!"
Anyways, (she says after regaining her composure)...yesterday...
I didn't even get to bed till 6:30am with the crazy sleeping patterns--or lack thereof--hehe! Set the alarm for 11am so I'd be up, showered, and dressed before Dagan got here (he gets off around noon and I wasn't sure if he was going home first or not). Was up and down, as usual, but never checked the clock because I had the alarm set.
I woke up--feeling entirely too rested...checked the clock and it was 2:10pm! What the he**! I checked my I had set it for 11pm and and not 11am--duh!
Panic!!! I had the lady who wanted to pick up the 30 gallon aquarium coming around 3pm!! Talk about scramble! Well--hobble-scramble--ROFL!! I jump in the shower--throw some clothes on--feed everybody--rush, rush, rush! Dagan showed up shortly before the lady called me. She had to stop over at Petco first, so my hair had time to dry, at least--hehe! The aquarium went off in the back seat of a car and then Dagan started with the antenna dilemma.
It's really not a surprise that we are having troubles, I suppose. A few years back, when I dropped cable and went with the good old rabbit ear antennas, we had to buy three different kinds before we found the one that worked decently. We're having the same problem with the digital antenna. We're on number two.
Dagan brought more cord and we tried it all over the place--even out on the porch. Still glitching and freezing. I suggested we try the bedroom because I always got better reception on that TV back when I used the rabbit ear antennas.
So he strung some cords together...
...and tried it in the bedroom. Leah arrived and joined the quest. They tried it all over and found it worked best on the south wall...but...still have glitches. Didn't freeze up as much, tho, and not glitching as often.
Everything was left "as is" for today. Cords and boxes and stuff--hehe! Desk, counters..
...and art table. :)
But I was able to watch TV last night...with some glitching, but not near as bad as it was. And I now know how to watch a DVD and the VCR! And how to record a program! TaDa!! I am learning how to navigate the new system!
Dagan and Leah are going to buy the most expensive antenna (only indoor one left to try) and bring it over this afternoon. We'll try that one. Whichever one works better--we keep--and the other one goes back. Dagan also is supposed to install a splitter so that I can record on one channel and watch another one.
The DVD player that was in the new computer wasn't working. I had gotten the replacement DVD for the Northern Exposure that didn't work (didn't work on my laptop, either) and it didn't work on the TV but worked on the laptop just fine. Same thing with the last Upstairs, Downstairs DVD. So Dagan took that out of the computer and took it with him to return it. We hooked up my old DVD player, tho, so I have one that works. :)
My goodness! What else? Let's see...oh! That speaker sound that drives Dagan and Leah crazy but I can't hear because of the bad ears and the tinnitus...they have an old audio speaker system that they are going to install for me, I guess, so they can bypass that TV speaker. Otherwise they can't stand to watch TV over here--hehe! Doesn't bother me at all--can't hear high-pitched noises over the ringing in my ears--chuckle! Always a silver lining, eh? ROFL!
This afternoon the giant old TV is supposed to be picked up. Her boyfriend gets off work at 3pm. If they don't have a really strong cart or really strong people to lift this thing--they are in for a terrible struggle. They've been like triple/quadruple warned about how heavy it is. I think Dagan and Leah should wait to come over till it is out of here. Dagan can't be lifting with his repaired hernia...don't want them dragged into helping. The girl was warned in the ad that I can't lift and can't help them. The more I thought about it, I decided last night that I'm going to call Dagan and Leah and tell them to stay home until I let them know the TV is gone. They weren't coming over till afternoon anyways. ;)
So--that's what's been happening up here in Fargo. Karma is totally exhausted from all the company and dragging herself about from lack of sleep. Wasn't even immediately excited for her morning treat--didn't even come purring to greet me when when I woke up--just started at me from the hallway--ROFL! She's passed out on the porch at the moment--not knowing she's in for another day of company--LOL!!
Well, regardless--I trust that Dagan and Leah will get this system to work the best it can and cords will eventually be strung around the baseboards and all of that. I have no doubts. :) And I am already totally delighted and impressed with the new things I can do now!! What would I do without my Dagan and Leah? They do these kind of things out of the kindness of their hearts just to make my life better or easier. Unasked. Unbidden. They surprise me and do little things all the time. But this is such a BIG thing! Wow!
OMG!! Just dropped a couple of tears on the McLap. I'm not a cryer. Stoic Swede. Good grief! Don't want to short out my laptop! Best compose myself and start the day.
Have a special weekend!! :):)
"Joy is not in things; it is in us."
Richard Wagner


Anonymous said...

Isnt it just wonderful to have such great kids, Im so glad they help you so much with everything and I sure hope they get everything going for you with this last try. Good for you on watching your dvds now. Poor Karma, she did look tired in the picture waiting by the door lol That is such a shame about people always scratching something on the elevator doors, but it is kinda funny that poor lady was probably wondering if you were gonna cuss her or something lol Hope you are having a good weekend :o)

AliceKay said...

First...I love that quote today. :)

Secondly, I can now click on your pictures and they'll enlarge for me. Since you changed the look of your blog, it hadn't been working for me. (i've been having computer issues anyway)

Sorry to hear you didn't sleep well. I hope you can get some real sleep soon.

That was too funny about the lady who picked up your magazines. I think I'd be a bit leary if I saw that on the elevator wall, too. LOL

Your TV/computer hookup looks very complicated to me. I'm glad you're figuring out how to do things,and from what you said, you can do more now than you did before. That's great. I'm sure they'll figure out the antenna dilema soon. (hopefully, it's all taken care of by now)

You're very fortunate to have such loving kids. :)

Deanna said...

Dagan and Leah sound awesome. But then so are you.

That is funny about the grafitti, but also terrible. Why do people do things like that!!!

Hope you have a wonderfully sleepful week!

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad they painted that scratching out in the elevator - some people are need of a good spanking (and if that doesn't work a paddle.. and if that doesn't work a paddle with some nails sticking out... now that ought to work huh?)

I really like that bookcase with the doll on it - it's a nice looking bit of furniture.

Sounds like you free cycled about everything (by) now.

Is the antenna you seek a digitial over the air tv one?

Rita said...

Lynn--I am truly blessed! :)
I still giggle when I think about that poor woman! She has a tale to tell her crafting buddies she was going to share the magazines with--hehe! ;)

AliceKay--I'm so glad you can enlarge the pictures again. Especially with the elevator scratchings--hehe! Still working on the TV issues, but soon, I hope. ;)

Deanna--*blushes* :)
A lot of unhappy people in the world, I guess. I'm still getting good sleep every few days. That's something anyways. :)

Iggy--A good spanking and sent to bed without supper! But probably what they really need is a few hugs and to be told they are worth something OR be taught that they aren't the center of the universe...
I love that oak bookcase! That's my grandma's doll--the paternal one who lived to be 104.
Yup! Freecycles all gone--tada! :):)

Toriz said...

It's great that you have them to help you out. :)

Serena Lewis said...

Although I could see the humour in what happened with the lady in the hallway, I'm glad they painted over the graffiti quickly's such a shame when people do things like this.

Dagan and Leah are so wonderful to look out for you and help you in every way they can. It's lovely to see.

Rita said...

Tori--My life would be dimmer without them. :)

Serena--I was thrilled to see it painted over the next day! It's sad that the management has contributed to making it like a war zone around here with that "us vs. them" mentality. I wonder if they are going to refuse to shovel the sidewalk by the exit door again this winter? *sigh*

I think they have been wondering if this was such a good idea--switching me over to this system--hehe! But I'm sure we'll figure it out. :)