Monday, July 26, 2010


Another beautiful, hot day yesterday.
Here's the four empty magazine holders on the bookcase. I do need room for the writing magazines I am getting now, I suppose.
Two bags half full of magazines.
If they were full I couldn't lift them--hehe!
Here's the sheet of birthday stamps I forgot to post yesterday.
And Miss Karma trying to lay claim to the bags of magazines. She wasn't happy that I woke her up taking the picture.
Well, I went from being awake almost 24 hours--to 13 hours of sleep--to now only 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Couldn't get back to sleep for love or money. Oh well.
So I've been sitting here in the peaceful silence reading Pillars of The Earth, which is a joy. Karma was out in the dead of night hunting a big moth on the porch that was fluttering up against the porch door. She came in licking her chops. *shudder* Still been closed up. Supposed to be low 90's today. I should be getting an Upstairs, Downstairs and a Northern Exposure DVD--and sometime I will sleep...
...but--for now--back to Pillars... :) :)
"Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly."
Leo Tolstoy


Susan said...

Love the kitty:) Love Pillars of the Earth!

Hope you get some sleep...

Intense Guy said...

Mr. Tolstoy might actually have a point with this quote. :)

Karma... Karma... you are going to make the lawyers need to put warnings on those plastic bags, "not a cat toy, keep away from cats" if you aren't careful and trip and slip on them.

...Beautiful skies over Fargo yesterday..

I guess Karma isn't into being strictly veggy... but hopefully she had a healthy side of something green to go with that moth.

Deanna said...

Loved Pillars of the Earth. Have many of the Northern Exposure episodes - one of the best TV shows of all times.

Hope you get some sleep. Insomnia is no fun.

Serena Lewis said...

Hi Rita,

I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on your blog. LOVE the new template! The sky in the first pic is gorgeous!

I haven't read Pillars of the Earth but I've noted it down on my 'to read' list. I love Northern Exposure too....Brad and I have only watched Seasons 1 & 2 so far but I do plan on getting more.

AliceKay said...

That first picture is really beautiful. So pretty out there with the blue sky and white clouds....and so flat!

Those birthday stamps have a wide variety of sayings. You should get some good use out of these, too.

Sleeping for 13 hours just didn't leave time for much more sleep later on. Your body apparently didn't require more so you couldn't sleep more. I get 5 to 6 hours of sleep at night, and then it's 6:30AM and time to start all over again. I don't normally take time for them. About the only time I might take a nap is when I don't feel well.

I hope you enjoyed your reading time today...and were finally able to get some sleep.

I loved "Northern Exposure". Good show.

Anonymous said...

I think I have said this before I love Pillars of the Earth and was excited to see it is going to be a miniseries but I dont have that channel so I hope they bring it to dvds. I have the World without End but I stay busy crafting than reading lol The weather is a tad cooler for us thank goodness :o)

Rita said...

Welcome Susan! I didn't get much sleep. I will eventually--hehe! After I re-read Pillars I am going to read the sequel for the first time. :)

Iggy--I think Tolstoy had a good point. ;)
Karma may have had some grass along with that moth. She says--"Me? Vegetarian? No way! I eat around the peas in the can of Mulligan Stew. Lick those little green balls clean, but I refuse to eat them." ROFL!! ;)

Deanna--I am surprised at how many people had heard of and read Pillars. Such a good book, I shouldn't be. Sleep issues go hand in hand with the fibro. Sucks! You get used to it, I guess.

Serean--Thanks! I like the birds flying!
I think you might like Pillars. I haven't heard of anyone yet who didn't really like it. I'm on Season three, disc three of Northern Exposure. Still silly, weird, and charming. :)

Rita said...

AliceKay--Yup! Flat. That is probably why it is always windy--hehe!

I never used to sleep as much as I do now. I used to get by with 4-6 hours of sleep and then crash in on the weekends/my days off. With fibro your sleep is light and restless most of the time--wake up a lot. These days I don't do well without at least 8 hours of sleep--and yet have times I can't sleep even tho my eyes are crossing and burning. I think that was mostly menopause, tho. I am suffering with insomnia less and less--thank goodness! That's my silver lining to making it thru menopause--or almost thru--hehe! :)

Toriz said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Your sleep pattern is just like mine. Non-existant, in other words! Longest I've been without sleep is 48 hours, but going that long with no sleep isn't a guarantee I'll sleep well afterwards. One of my 48 hour gaps between sleep was after only an hour, then I only got about 2 hours afterwards. Stupid non-existant sleep pattern!

Rita said...

Lynn--I wonder about them making Pillars into a miniseries--I have such a rich memory of the book in my head--hehe! I will watch it if it comes out on Netflix, tho--for sure! I don't know if I had ever heard of Starz network before this. Glad it's cooler for you. :)

Tori--YUP! Non-existant!! Probably why I am so thrilled when it is half-way normal for a while. Never lasts. I've had that, too, where I couldn't sleep for over a day and then only "napped" for like 2-3 hours and up again and can't sleep--even when your eyes burn, can't think straight, and you feel weak & limp because you are so tired. YUP!! Stupid non-existant sleep pattern!! :)