Thursday, July 29, 2010


Only 65 right now, but supposed to climb up to 85 and sunny today. Good day to be on R&R inside--even tho the heat lovers (like Miss Karma) would disagree.
Got all the clothes washed yesterday. Leah showed up after work (surprise!) with another better antenna to try. Better, but still glitchy and freezing. So, when Dagan comes on Friday he is supposed to bring some more wire/cable so that we can try and put this antenna over by the big windows and see if that will do it? If not, might have to try a different antenna--but I'm sure they'll figure it out eventually with tweaking. :)
I found out that it said "no signal" because the computer shut itself off. So I think Leah fixed that. I learned a couple of things, but forgot to find out how to run the VCR. I can find "live TV", but it's not watchable yet. Can play a DVD and find Netflix instant movies. Little by little I will get the hang of this. :)
Wasn't a good sleeping night--again. Only four hours. Not sure I'll make it thru the day without a nap. In fact, I've been up since 3am and am yawning right now as I am typing--hehe!
Oh--Freecycle! The card-making magazines already left yesterday. Curious. The lady was looking nervously up and down the hallway and looked like she wanted to bolt out of here. I know it is a little shabby, but I've been inside of a lot scarier places than this. ??
I am set up for the aquarium to be picked up on Friday afternoon and the giant old TV on Saturday afternoon. Had over a dozen replies for the TV and 10 for the aquarium. Saved them so that if for some reason the people don't show up I can get ahold of the next responder. I love freecycle!
Quiet day, I hope. They are working on the roof. Again. They already replaced the shingles on most of the building and the garages maybe a couple summers ago? I know it is windy here, but good grief! What kind of cheap thin shingles are they using? Or are they skimping on something else that keeps shingles on the roof--tarpaper, nails? They really did slap these buildings together as cheaply as possible. Last time it was raining (Tuesday?) it was leaking down into the elevator--again. And the shinglers were already here before that leak and on my end of the building, not by the elevators. Always something. I've been sooo fortunate with my apartment!! :)
Well, time to think about more pleasant things, right?
I hope it is a nice day for you! :):)
On that note--I found a perfect quote!
"The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us."


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Now that quote is so true and I am guilty of it LOL That is one lucky lady that got all of those magazines for free talk about the jackpot lol

    I loved the picture of Karma laying on her back that is so funny :o)

    I hope you are having a good week!

  2. I hope you had a Karma-sized cat nap.


    I'm looking at some 2x4's here... an idea is a'bornin'...

  3. That is a great quote. I've been staying inside as much as possible - heat and I don't get along at all.

    When will they learn to do it right the first time...

    Hope you get better reception soon.

  4. We had very bad thunderstorms last night. It was wet and steamy outside this morning because of the rain and the humidity, but the air is cleaning out now. Supposed to be a great couple of days coming up. We sure do need it.

    I'm sure Dagan and Leah will get it all figured out for you soon, and with their help, you'll get it figured out, too.

    Maybe the person who picked up your magazines ran into the person who urinates in the elevator before she reached your floor? :p

    I hope you're able to get a full night's (or day's) sleep soon.

    I really liked that quote.

  5. That's a great quote!

    Yeah, there's always something with properties these days. And it's not only the less expensive accomadation... It's like people just slap things together in hopes of being able to come back soon and get more money to do the same thing again.

    Hope you get your new setup figured out soon.

  6. we have Freecycle here also as well as Craigslist and Fairbanks Garage Sale for things that you want money for. Both the Freecycle and the garage sale one are on Yahoo Groups. Maybe they have a garage sale one for where you are? I will be gone to the villages again from 8/2 thru 8/9 and may or may not have internet. Hope you get everything working soon. You are lucky to have Dagan and Leah and to all be able to get along. Not a lot of relatives do.

  7. Lynn--If I can't not think about my misfortunes, I kind of rearrange them in my mind to find a better perspective. Throw a little light on them so they don't look so dark. :)

    Iggy--No--just a few hours--and Karma slept right there with me--hehe! Karma pillows...oh my! ;)

    Deanna--Heat is not my friend, either. I have the sinking feeling that we need either another different antenna or there's something wrong with the computer box. We'll soon see.

    AliceKay--Glad you are going to get a couple of nice days, too. Been less humid up here--still gets hot, tho. I think I may have discovered why the lady was glancing away from me at first--I'll post tomorrow and leave you with the mystery--hehe! And it wasn't pee in the elevator--ROFL!!

    Tori--They don't make any houses like they used to here, either. Everything is cheaper and thrown together quicker. Sounds like it is the same everywhere.

    Sue--With the economy the way it is we like to use freecycle. We try to pick people who can really use some of the things we give away. Well, Dagan and Leah give away more than I do. I gave away a bunch of things to this place that helps the homeless a couple years ago and cleared out a lot. Dagan and Leah are the very best relatives. ;) (Not close to most of mine.) Hope you have a good trip to the villages!! :)


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