Sunday, July 25, 2010


Karma--giving me the evil eye from the comfort of her metal table leg pillow. I'm sure she was wondering if I was going to force her inside against her will--hehe! Nope. Not yesterday.
Leah and I were phone shopping yesterday while she was at K&Krafts. And our phone shopping has reached a new level now that she got her new fancier phone because she can send me pictures--tada! We discussed rubber stamps (and I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of the clear stamp set so I'll post it next time) and ink pads.
Here's the new Christmas stamps...
...and birthday stamps...
...and ink pads.
And, of course, the tattered flower die I had been waiting for--tada!
Leah also stopped at Target and picked up milk and some ice cream for me. Flew in and out quickly--as angels do. :):)
I spent the day going thru all my old card-making magazines (Paper Creations, Paper Crafts, and Card Maker). I copied the few pages that I wanted to have for future reference, but plan to donate all the magazines on freecycle. The pages I saved got three-hole punched and put in one of my craft binders. I couldn't believe that I was up almost 24 hours!!
I had been so tired and then Leah and I were phone shopping and I woke up again and got beyond it--and finished the magazine project--whew! And then a friend called...didn't get to bed till 11pm. Thought--good!! I'll be asleep during the night!
Well, I sure was--didn't wake up till noon! Talk about over-tired--ROFL! And for me--I was only up three times (took a pain pill during the night) and that's as close to sleeping like a log as I get--hehe! My goodness!
I've been trying not to take the pain pills. Have been averaging only one every day or two. Not too bad. Things are going pretty well. I am especially grateful to Leah for all she did yesterday. Hope things are going well your way. :) :)
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
Marcel Proust


  1. Karma sure loves laying out there by her cat grass. Cats love to give the evil eye. LOL

    Love those stamps. I bet you'll get good use out of those.

    Leah sounds like a godsend. I'm glad she takes such good care of you. You're a very lucky lady to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law. :)

    I'm glad you got the sleep you needed. Good luck at your dentist appointment today.

    By the way, I'm not sure if it's my computer or your new page layout, but when I click on your pictures now, they don't enlarge anymore. :(

  2. You'd have an evil eye too, if you slept with your head on a hard table leg.... not that the hardness is a problem.. its the slanty thingy...

    You look like you are ready to stamp up a storm! If we hear a drumbeat coming from Fargo we'll know you and Leah are going Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! on some nice cards you are making.

  3. It's lovely to see how well you and Leah get along. She is an angel and a blessing. I really like the tattered flower die.

    Karma looks so peaceful and relaxed out there. :)

  4. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Ooohhh I love all the goodies and I forgot to comment on all the magazines in the next post, from time to time I get the card magazines thinking Im gonna make cards for my daughter for fun but so far I have not made any LOL I do plan on making my own announcement cards when she gets married :o)

  5. AliceKay--That has turned into Karma's favorite place to lay on the porch, that's for sure! Yes-Leah is sooo good to me! We're going to have fun playing with new things. :) I didn't have a dentist appointment. Not till Friday the 13th of August. I don't know why you can't enlarge the pictures now. I still can? How strange. And now it comes up differently for Tori. Computers! ??

    Iggy--Leah and I will be working away at something Tuesday night--keep your ears open--ROFL! ;)

    Serena--We have such a time with the phone shopping. It's like she can take me with her via her fancy phone--hehe! She really is a sweetheart! :):)


  6. Sounds like a pretty good day. :)

  7. Lynn--Us art & crafters get so excited over new playthings--hehe! I know a few people who have made their own wedding announcements. They have so many pretty ideas. That sounds like fun. Leah and I mass produce Christmas cards every year and I mass produce birthday cards. Lots of work, but such fun to do. I find it relaxing once you have it all figured out what the steps are. The magazines were the first thing gone the very next day--hehe! ;)

    Tori--Really was a great day! Hope you are having a really good day today, too. :)


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