Friday, February 13, 2009


Wow! Wow! Leah and I got a lot done yesterday!! The hall closet shelves are done!! :) We are getting sooooo organized! So--new pictures!
Left side.
Right side. :)
And we hauled all this stuff down to the storage area on my little green cart!
Even the storage area is much cleaner and less crowded--easier to get to things since Leah hauled a lot of boxes to the garage.
Even some room to spare!
It's probably a good thing nobody has been interested in my odds and ends and art supplies, eh?
Just chicken wire to protect people's things.
Believe it or not--almost all the stuff we hauled down to the storage area came from where they had been slid and smashed along the sides of this cabinet.
I had put sticker labels on the fronts of the drawers of this cabinet years ago. I know--bad idea! They've been falling off and peeling. This is one of the next things we are cleaning and re-organizing--inside and out. We are planning to remove the old stickers completely. Then use cardstock, label maker, and poster tack to put on some new labels. We are going to label the matching rubber stamp cabinet, too. Oh--also--clean the ink pad shelves and tack down all the labels we put on the satchels. Then we will be done. So--a few more sessions.
Just feels great!! We are getting so close!! All of this is stuff we have talked about and thought about doing for years! TaDa!!! One of those huge projects that is just so overwhelming that you keep putting it off and putting it off, you know? Feels absolutely wonderful! If it weren't for Leah I'd still be working on the satchels--hehe!
Have a really, really good day!! :)


Serena Lewis said...

Chicken wire for a multiple resident, community storage area??? Incredible! I agree, just as well nobody was interested in your art supplies ~ :)

Rita said...

I know! Most of the time they at least have cheap plywood walls and doors. Freaked me out when I first moved here. I've never seen that anyone has broken into any of the storage lockers--in the room where mine is, anyways. :)