Sunday, February 01, 2009


General update for all of you who have inquired:
Since I last wrote this cold/cough went from being merely annoying to full-blown, knock-you-off-your-feet miserable. Can only catch "naps" here and there because of the coughing--so extra tired and extra sore. Not even up to tossing Karma her fake treats. (Just regular dry cat food I keep in small jars in the endtable that she thinks are "cat treats".)
Been warmer--teens and twenties--so Karma's porch is more normal. She's happy about that--even if I haven't been up to letting her in and out much.
Karma basking in the sun this morning.
Cats look really weird when they are yawning, don't they?
Obviously--not much happening up here in Fargo. I am even boring my cat.
Karma has tried many times to come and sit on me--her version of snuggling--but my coughing puts a quick end to her good intentions to comfort me. (She's like a furry, vibrating heating pad!) I have read several of Caroline's books and watched Netflix movies & a lot of TV. Sound like a frog. Ribs hurt like hell. If anybody in the building can hear me coughing all night long they must want to shoot me. Last few nights--I would have let them--hehe! We'll see how tonight goes.
At least this will pass, right?
Will get to emails and posts when finally feeling up to it. :)


Serena Lewis said...

You be sure to get to the doctor if it persists, Rita. I remember years ago having a cough for days that would get particularly bad from around 4 in the afternoon right through the night. I was so frustrated and in tears because I couldn't find any relief or get any sleep. I ended up going to the doctor and he diagnosed me with an asthmatic cough...gave me a preventer inhaler and within 48 hours, I felt so much better with the cough well under control.

(((Get Well, My Friend)))


Rita said...

It's a week later--I am finally on the mend. I know just what you mean about coughing and coughing and you can't stop! Horrible! It was the MucinexDM that helped me finally start turning this thing around. Thanks for the well wishes, my friend!! :):)