Saturday, February 21, 2009


Snowy morning yesterday.
Could only see--well--just about across the field.
I never noticed (but I bet Karma watched every move!)--looks like that little boy is trying to build an igloo or a round fort. :):)
My books came yesterday! The one that was backordered and then the buy two get one frees. I think that is it and my obligations are fulfilled for One Spirit--tada! And all these new books will give me many hours of reading material for the coming year. :)
This morning they were out with the push blower for the sidewalks.
Going to be a pain pill weekend for me--hehe! Lose myself in TV and movies and books. I don't know about you, but when I am dealing with pain levels--I have a harder time just doing things with my hands like the art and crafts. But I do better if I keep my mind busy--keep my mind off of it, you know? If my hands are busy and my mind is allowed to wander--it tends to focus on the pain which only makes it worse. That's just me. I won't be working on the bookcards for a while, tho. They're on hold while I lose myself in stories--hehe!
And--for the very first time I am actually grateful that I have fibro and therefore have pain pills at my disposal--ROFL!! Always a silver lining, eh? :):)

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