Sunday, February 22, 2009


Just enough snow on the porch...
...that Miss Karma had to step in it.
She quickly came back in--but was delighted that it was the softer snow--and there were snow footprints for her to find on the carpet--hehe!
I actually did play a little yesterday. Since I don't know what type of a resist process I want to use for the next set of birthday cards--well, I have to concentrate and think, right? hehehe!
I am using clear embossing. Tried multicolored ink pads and these foam rollers.
But the ink pads are way too old and dry--took forever just to get any color on the paper.
I either need a new multicolored pad (for this method)....or I got out the chalk...or maybe paint....hummm??
I forgot to even tell you yesterday what I had found out when the receptionist finally called me back. Okay--I have to go down to the Family Health building on Monday and apply for a sliding scale payment for the Family Health dentist. Bring all my paperwork to prove my income, etc. After I am approved--then I can bring down the form from there and make an appointment for the dentist. You pay $25 each time you go in--at that time. They'll work me in as soon as they can. (Hopefully this coming week.) I am going to get pushy about a dentist at least taking a quick peek in my mouth so that I can get antibiotics, tho--want to get started on some antibiotics as soon as possible. So--that's the plan.
I'm actually not doing too badly with the one extra fibro pain pill during the afternoon--3 instead of 2. I'm sleeping well, too--so I'm hanging in there just fine. Don't worry about me.
Sun is out--zero degrees. I have one more Netflix movie to watch today--The Life of David Gale. I love Kevin Spacey! Filling my head with stories!!
Happy Sunday!


Serena Lewis said...

I hope they get you in on the Dental Plan okay ~ :)

Rita said...

No problem. I am way below what they consider the poverty level over here--hehe! :):)