Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I went to check my mail in the middle of the night (as I am sleeping during the day these days) and discovered the most glorious present from John/Spruce who's in our Chinese Brush Painting group! He lives in Nain, Labrador in Canada and these are Ptarmigan birds hiding in the brush. He disturbs them sometimes on his walks, he said, and they take flight.
A photograph just doesn't do it justice. John has a technique and style all his own!! I put it up on my gift painting inspiration wall right away! :)
Thank you so much, John!!! What a wonderful surprise--a treasure!

Also, thanks to the people who wrote to tell me they enjoyed Soft Breaths. :) That story has already been published three times in different literary magazines. So, yes--I am a "published" author--hehe! Never been paid in anything but copies of the magazines, but published nonetheless. :)
Leah and I had thought we might work on the hall closet shelves on Thursday, but I am still sleeping days and up nights right now so I bumped it to next week. (Slept from 11am till 9pm yesterday--have stopped napping, sleeping longer, and getting better rest.) I'm still coughing and getting over this chest cold anyways. Being out in the cold with wet hair--set me back a little, but I am still on the mend. Takes me longer to get over things these days in the first place. But I'm okay and am resting and getting better. Enough boring talk about illness--chuckle! Have spent the last few days finally catching up on emails and posts, etc--and have started to answer letters--so you know I am feeling better--hehe!
Had been raining and still supposed to be in the 30s later today. Had a dusting of snow during the night. Let's see--oh--I ordered some pen refills and the Cavalier fountain pen converter on Friday from another company since has been out of the converters all this time for my wonderful new pen I just love. :)
So--I'll find out how good their service is. They ship for free if you place an order of $20.
Karma is in her morning spot checking out the parking lot. I have more X Files to watch. Finally getting to the last season--number nine!! I didn't realize they had been on that many years! The sun is going to come up pretty soon--if it is making an appearance today--hehe! It's a good day!!


Serena Lewis said...

A beautiful array of Chinese brush art you have there, Rita...and the Ptarmigan birds are a wonderful addition. :)

Rita said...

Beautiful gifts from talented people! That is why I call it my inspiration wall--hehe! So honored to have them all!! :)