Friday, February 27, 2009


Leah and I made it over to Family Health Center--whew! Got stuck in the snow before we ever left the parking lot here and Leah pushed us out. Took a lot longer than I had thought. (I'll keep that in mind for future visits and bring a book.) Appointment was at 1pm and I didn't get in until 1:50pm--and didn't get out until around 2:30pm.
Anyways, it is a wisdom tooth that is causing the trouble. I think both the ones I have left that were not pulled (because they never came up--couldn't actually) are sideways in the back of my jaw. Horizontal instead of vertical--no lie! I forgot all about that--hehe! The dentist was amazed that I hadn't been in earlier and that I didn't seem concerned about waiting to see an oral surgeon--even tho I told him I had pain pills. He offered to break the skin open to drain it, so I said he could. Didn't hurt much--even when he was pressing around. I explained to him that the pain I get in my shoulders and down my back, etc, is so knife-sharp that it kind of takes a person's mind off an abscessed tooth, I guess. Everything is relative, eh?
The dentist is contacting the oral surgeon at MeritCare hospital. They will get ahold of me and schedule an appointment. I need somebody to drive me (Leah said she will) when they are actually going to do the surgery. I don't know if I go see them first for more X-rays or if they will do it all at once.
I got a prescription for penicillin and we went up to 2nd floor to the pharmacy and waited for that to be filled. Then we could finally take off--out on to the horrible roads again-hehe! I should have taken some pictures in north Fargo where the clinic is, but I didn't think of it. We really went thru some bad streets up there because the plows hadn't been out yet. (Side streets are always the worst!)
94 had either been plowed or the wind had blown most of the snow off of it. Wasn't too bad. But it was icy on the "dry" spots because the wind was so cold. Slow driving.
These roads were actually a little better--getting to the main shopping drag in Fargo off the freeway on 13th Avenue.

Here's 13th on our way to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Plows were in the parking lots already, tho--hehe! Here we were turning into the malls by BB&B.
The parking lots have huge snow piles, as you can see.
We made it!
Wandered about in BB&B for a long time. Nice and warm in there--hehe! I used up my gift certificate for odds and ends. Leah got some odds and ends, too. Had a good time!
Then we headed back to my place so Leah could drop me off.
What a horrible day and a horrible spot to stall, eh? The car behind him there had brought a charger they were installing.
This is coming down the street my apartment is on. Lovely, eh?
This is the short street that you take to get behind the buildings. The end of it is filled with snowpiles.
Here we are coming around the back of the building. That is where we got stuck earlier--somewhere in the loose snow there in front of that snowpile between the garages.
So Leah just pulled up by the dumpster to drop me off--where the wind had kept the snow off the ground a little.
She made it home--and Dagan, too. The plows were running in the parking lot after dark. Everything is probably all plowed by today--except for maybe a few side streets. We are very efficient with our snow in the MidWest--hehe!
Bought some odds and ends. The funny things with the holes in--those are filters for my humidifier. You need one when you are closed up all winter with the heat on. Otherwise I get bloody noses and give Karma shocks when I touch her or she rubs on my legs--hehe!
Got a couple of cheap knives (my 35+ year old small knives are a little dull--hehe!--and falling apart), candles on sale, and glass lock-tight containers (for crafts). I lit one of the candles last night and my whole place smelled like fresh cut roses! Awesome!
Was so exhausted that I slept for almost 10 hours! :)
Oh, I made an appointment for March 5th to get an exam and X-rays at the dentist's--so I can then make an appointment to get my teeth cleaned and find out what else I need to have done. *sigh* I really hate going to the dentist, but it's something I have to do now that I found out I can get some dental help financially (sliding scale). I think there are other issues I haven't wanted to deal with because of no coverage--like maybe an anchor tooth on a bridge! Oh well--I'll find out, right? I'm just glad I can be knocked out for the wisdom tooth! I have never had that particular luxury before. :) Leah said I should ask if they can take the last one out, too, while they are at it. I will. They could possibly be the cause of the chronic jaw pain I've had for so many years??
So--today--collapse mode. All is well. 11 below zero right now and the snowstorm has passed. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

that's exactly how my two wisdom teeth are sitting under my gums....side-on and facing towards the roots of my other teeth. i hope all goes well for you with the surgery.

i enjoyed your pics....reminded me of the snow and icy roads in wyoming. :)

Rita said...

Leah said hers were that way, too! (She had hers out already.) I am hoping they can take the other one out, too, as long as I will be under, right? Hope so!! :)