Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Karma on spy duty.

Quick note today. Caroline comes to clean in a little while and I have my monthly groceries being delivered this afternoon between 2-4pm. So--Leah is planning on coming by this afternoon so we can do the labeling (and she can help keep me awake, too--hehe!). Last week Leah forgot the labelmaker, but I was starting to feel pretty crummy by that time anyways. So maybe today we can get the rest of the satchels and boxes labeled that I got done last week.
I actually got some sleep last night--six hours--all at once! Longest I've slept in many days. I need a lot more of that. :) Still coughing here and there, but not all day and night like I did for the last 3-4 days--hurray! Finally on the recovery side now, I think. :) Right now I am pushing it--washing a load of towels, nightgowns, and sheets. Always feels better to kind of get rid of the old sick germs--or try to--hehe! Fresh and clean--that's the ticket! :) I have my annual apartment inspection for Federal Housing tomorrow morning--want it presentable, of course--so it's nice Caroline will be here today--tada!
Many thanks to everybody who wrote and cared how I was doing. :):) I am way behind on correspondence, emails, and posts. Will work away at it little by little. So very nice to know I was actually missed--hehe! Bless you!!


Serena Lewis said...

Don't you worry about having to keep up with emails or posts...you rest up and feel better. (((Hugs)))

Rita said...

It's taken me a week to get back to my blog comments and emails. I will slowly keep plugging away. It sure is nice to be missed, tho!! :):):)