Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, I am going to try and post this as long as the computer is up and working. It was out all morning?? Needs some looking over, I guess. Have to call Dagan. ??
Anyways, I got going on the ink pad shelves right away in the morning before Leah got here yesterday. I emptied them out and grouped similar types together...
Cleaned all the shelves with a damp rag...
...and then was freaked out by men building scaffolding right outside my window!
So--THAT'S why they dug out the snow next to the building!! Aha! Mystery solved!
The workmen were removing the siding and doing something out there?? And they are still out there today. On a lunch break at the moment, but they'll be back--and loudly! Closed the blinds, but it upset Karma so much she threw up twice yesterday.
Anyways, I kept working on the shelves--wiping down every little thing--and reorganizing...
...until I was done! TaDa!
Next I started emptying out the cherry cabinet under the ink pad shelves and air conditioner--and organizing all of those supplies. I had just started when Leah arrived. [She found some multi-colored ink pads--different kind, but they should work nicely! And a special border punch that is just awesome! Show you tomorrow.]
We kept on with the drawers and the cupboard in that cabinet all afternoon until Leah had to leave at 5pm.
Got almost done. I finished up the last of it and cleared things away. :):)
Leah was making some labels with the label maker as we went along, but we have quite a few more to make. Then we will mount all the labels on cardstock and attach them to the fronts of the drawers with poster tack.
The very last thing will be using the poster tack to attach the labels we already made to the satchels and then we will be DONE!!! TaDa!! :):):) One more session probably! Either tomorrow or next Tuesday--hurray!!
Wow! Does it ever feel great to get a project that all encompassing behind you! And, of course, we LOVE being organized!! Soon! Soon! Soon! :)
I need to see if I can post this? Seems to be working? :)


Serena Lewis said...

I hope your computer will be okay. WOW! You sure ARE organised....the labels are a great idea!

Poor Karma....hopefully, the workmen will finish the job quickly so she doesn't get stressed out for too long.

Rita said...

So far, so good with the computer. :) And no workmen today. They'd get blown off of the scaffolding--hehe! They could be done for all I know. We'll find out after the snowstorm--hehe! :)