Thursday, February 26, 2009


Woke up to a snowstorm this morning. White horizon again. I'm glad Leah is coming to pick me up for the dentist. We planned this yesterday. Then after the dentist we are going over to Bed, Bath & Beyond! I still have my gift certificate I got from Caroline for the old laptop! :) Both Leah and I need filters for our humidifiers and I wanted to do something kinda fun after what I expect to be bad news at the dentist's--hehe!

As promised--here's the awesome border punch!
It both cuts and embosses at the same time! Looks like lace, doesn't it? So cool!
And Leah found some multi-colored ink pads, too. "Primary" and "Tropical". They don't look too much different as is, but they may look more different on paper, who knows? At least we have some again. If they work well, I might keep my eyes open for a pastel one, too. :)
Leah and I probably won't get to any labeling today. Probably wait till Tuesday. Just want to have a good time today. :) So--out into the snowstorm we go, eh? Supposed to get 2-4 inches with a high of 5 degrees. Dress warmly, right? :):)


Serena Lewis said...

OH, I love the border!!

Rita said...

Looks like lace! And I love the fact it does the punching and embossing all at the same time--cool! Never have seen one like this before. :)