Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Karma hides under the end table in the living room when Caroline comes--until she comes with the vacuum cleaner--then she runs and hides under the bed.
Leah came over in the afternoon. She took two trim pieces off my desk that were falling down, re-glued them, and taped them to hold them while they dry. CashWise came.
Leah brought these velcro-like tabs and glued our ribbon holders under the shelf by the window. Now we can actually get at them--tada!
And we labeled and labeled!

A few of the plastic containers we don't need to label because they are easy to see through on the ends.
We have never had this much space in the craft bookcases! Nice!
So exciting to be making such progress! Leah did most of the work. I am still very much on the useless side. (hack-hack-hack!)
While I was writing this the apartment inspector, Bob, came and left. Leah will be over pretty soon. We are going to move boxes. Well, Leah will be doing the actual lifting. I am basically the supervisor--hehe!
The cold is definitely down in my chest now. Didn't get much sleep at all again. If I am not better by next week, I will go in to the doctor. Bob suggested trying Musinex. Not sure if that is how you spell it. Said it worked wonders for him. So I called Leah--she said she thought she had some she could bring over. I'll try some of that and see if it helps. Leah said it didn't work for her. ??
Anyways, this shouldn't take us too long today, I hope. Then I'll just rest the next few days. I haven't even gotten near my emails, etc. Probably won't today, either. All my energy will be going into moving boxes. I really wanted to just do it now and get it over with--can't sleep anyways. Lifts my spirits to see things shift positively. I'll try not to forget the camera. :)


Serena Lewis said...

I'll have one of Leah please. lol She is such a blessing and a help to you. I could do with more organisation and easy store labeling as I can never find things. You two sure work well together ~

Rita said...

Leah really is the daughter of my heart. We do have quite a few things we enjoy doing together--some we have learned together, too--like making handmade paper. :) We get excited like little kids over labeling--ROFL!! She's been an angel in my life. That Dagan sure has good taste, eh? ;)