Thursday, February 12, 2009


Leah is coming by this morning (with more Mucinex) and we might do a little something, too, as long as she is coming by and is currently unemployed at the moment. Our next big section to clean and organize is the closet shelves up above the washer and dryer.

Leah is going to take everything down. We want to move the shelves over so they are easier to get into, too. Plan to just have all the paper making and polymer clay supplies up there when we are done. :) Not sure what we will get to this morning, tho? We have a couple other projects lined up to do also in our organizing process, so I'll see what Leah feels like tackling. :)
Been a dark morning with some light snowflakes floating about once in a while. 19 degrees at the moment. I found a stack of handmade paper while I was cleaning. Started folding it for bookcards. (I am out again--hehe!) Made a short video for YouTube. I'll make some more videos as I go along--show the steps for mass producing the bookcards. :)
I am starting to get restless to get something done so, obviously, I am feeling better. I'm off to fold paper... :)


Serena Lewis said...

It sure looks like you utilise every bit of space available, Rita....very organised. Have fun with Leah there ~ :)

Rita said...

Leah just left and I have pictures to post tomorrow. Now we are REALLY organized--hehe!! I am exhausted--and Leah did most of the work--chuckle! We had a great time! :):)