Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What a busy day yesterday! I thought I would have slept in later because I got to bed pretty late, but no such luck--hehe! Woke up thinking about dental surgery!! Shudder! I'll fill you in.

Anyways, Caroline came. Leah called--she forgot the key to the Gallant at Valley Video, so I needed to come and pick her up. There's a nice guy at VV who will do things like change belts on the car for them--for less--so she had left him her car keys. (He never had the time, tho, this time.) Anyways, then Dagan drove the car home with his key and she forgot to go inside and pick up her keys--hehe! So here she was all ready to come over and couldn't come!

So, I went over and picked her up. Let her drive. We went and got her keys, filled my car up with gas (so glad it has gone down), and the tires with air. While I was driving over to her place I got a return call from the Family Health Care Dental place--which I'd never answer while I was driving. So Leah and I ended up talking about dentists and my dilemma.

Okay--here's the situation. I am on Medicare and have no coverage for dental (or eyedoctor)--so I haven't been for years. I have always had a lot of jaw/neck pain and headaches with the fibro for all these years. But while I was so sick I noticed more pain on my left lower side of my jaw--which makes no sense for teeth because they pulled my molar there and I have no tooth anymore. But I do remember I only had two of my wisdom teeth pulled--the other two never erupted--and when I had one of them pulled there was the tip of a hooked root left behind in the jawbone. But I can't remember where wisdom teeth were pulled and where they weren't, to be honest. So--I assume it is a tooth or a root tip gone bad in my jawbone--NICE! ???

I had called the number to the "poor people's" dentistry outfit in Fargo to ask about the possibility of making small payments. The receptionist never said anything either way when she left me a return message.

So--Leah calls her dentist's office to find out if they took payments on the uninsured. That receptionist recommended applying for this program called credit care (I think) that is just for health care for people who have no extra coverage. We applied online, but I was rejected.

By this time Dagan had arrived after work. Dagan and Leah have a friend who is now a dentist--so Dagan called him. I will need a surgical procedure because it is in the jaw, so I can make an appointment with on oral surgeon for X-rays, etc, to see what has to be done. And the oral surgeon IS covered by Medicare he said. So, now I have to find an oral surgeon.

I have had a series of very bad experiences with dentistry over the years. Just the thought of going in makes me queasy and scared, to be perfectly honest. I know they are not all bad, but I have an irrational fear of dentists, I guess. No matter--I have to go get this checked out and taken care of. *huge shuddery sigh* Knock me out!

Sad that the jaw pain could have been there for a very long time and I wouldn't have even noticed. The back and shoulder pain I get is so much sharper that your mind focuses on the knife-sharp pain and ignores the dull stuff. And I have kind of trained myself to ignore pain as much as possible over the years with the fibro--hehe!
So, to change the subject (quick! quick!)--hehe! We made spaghetti and then chatted a long time at the table (I can get very chatty when I get nervous) before we did some angel cards. We might try to meet twice a month if we can. I am going to check out some meditation CDs and cassettes that I have before we meet next time. Thought it would be a good idea to start out with a meditation--get centered and grounded, you know?
Dagan and Leah left about 9pm. Karma came out from under the bed.

Glad to see me, but she started beating up the packing paper (that had been in her stroller) a little to vent her "company" frustration. I have no pity for her. It is her choice to hide under the bed--hehe! No sympathy here.

So--that's the news from Fargo. Wish me luck.


Serena Lewis said...

OH no, sorry to hear you're suffering jaw pain due to suspected wisdom teeth. My two bottom wisdom teeth have never erupted either but, once in a blue moon, the one on the right decides to flare up and I put up with a week of dreadful jaw pain before it settles back down like it was never there at all. My original xrays showed that both wisdom teeth were actually facing side-on towards the roots of my other teeth and, if they do ever try to break through, I will need to get them surgically removed. NOT a nice thought.

Being on a Carer Payment, I'm entitled to free Dental Care but, for the free treatment, it's where you have to go and sit, for hours on end, among many other people waiting for treatment and there's no guarantee that I will even get seen on that particular day. I've even paid for treatment in the past to avoid the free care system. For the most part, I try to avoid it as, I HATE visiting dentists anyways.

Rita said...

Not fun--no. I stood in line 40 minutes just to apply for the sliding scale program. Was lucky to get an appointment for the dentist this week. I HATE visiting dentists, too!! Can hardly wait until this is done and over with. :(