Sunday, February 15, 2009


My dear friend, Ruby, is in Hawaii on vacation. She was walking on this very beach last Monday. Hard to imagine such a paradise when I look out the window here--hehe! Isn't this just gorgeous?!!
And my younger sister, Renee, just got back from England where she was visiting her daughter. My goodness! Travelers! Travelers! :):)
Speaking of Ruby--she sent me this picture of all the bookcards that I have sent her. They are wrapped in a giant rubber band. She says she should have bookends or a tiny bookcase for them--chuckle!Dagan and Leah didn't come over yesterday. Leah was really busy with her second job (now her only job). She's on call all weekend and it can be slow or she can be swamped with calls. Yesterday she was swamped. They said they might come over this week. :)

I forgot to mention that I have slowly been plugging away at the Soul Coaching book the last few days, too--now that I am feeling human again--hehe! I am on #4 right now. No--I haven't forgotten. :) I certainly have already done plenty on the cleaning clutter chapter, that's for sure!! A bit more than they suggested--hehe!

Predicting snow for the next couple of days, but haven't seen any yet. It is dark and zero degrees right now. Not even the crack of dawn yet--hehe! But I'm pretty much back to more normal hours--tada! :):) Now--what should I do today......??


  1. Your gorgeous notecards do deserve a shelf of their own. How lovely they all look bundled together.

    I hope something else turns up job-wise for Leah soon.

    I was thinking you were doing all the clutter clearing and organising because of the soul coaching book. I know it encouraged me to clear built up clutter and it felt great!

    No pics of Karma today?

    The beach pic reminds me a lot of our beaches up north.

  2. No--Leah and I had decided on the reorganizing/cleaning project long before I got the book. Was a main project to start in 2009. We had gotten all the new satchels quite a while ago and had been talking about this since last summer. Fit right in, tho--didn't it! :):)

    Goodness! You must have some beautiful beaches, too!!

    No Karma today--chuckle! And she's been curled up in my bed under the covers all afternoon. Aren't you sick of pictures of her? hehe! Of course I never get sick of her. But it's kind of like kids, you know--boring people with pictures of them--ROFL!!

  3. I love animals....could never get sick of seeing pics ~ :)

  4. I'm the same way!!! :):)


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