Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Made it over to the Family Health Center. Waited in line for 40 minutes so that I could apply for the sliding scale for the dentist. Didn't take very long once I got to a worker. Found out that this includes a doctor, too--if I go to this Family Health Care Center clinic. Good!! Same thing--have to have $25 at the time of the visit.
After I was done and approved upstairs I went downstairs to the dentist's office to make an appointment. As I walked into the dentist's office I heard the receptionist telling somebody on the phone that they were taking "no new patients at this time"!! My heart dropped! But the lady remembered talking to me and I was okay!!?? Thank goodness! I have an appointment for Thursday at 1pm, but there was no way I could get antibiotics at all until he sees me on Thursday.
Once again--how grateful am I that I already have pain pills--hehe!
After I got done there I stopped over at K&Krafts--thinking I could buy one of those multi-colored/rainbow ink pads. They don't carry them anymore!? Not sure if that company went out of business, they were discontinued, or Kay just decided not to carry them anymore? The salesgirls didn't know--but the one said she had seen them someplace else in town a while ago, but couldn't remember where.
Then I stopped at the post office in Moorhead, too, as long as I was over that way (less busy than the Fargo one--hehe!) and mailed off something to Kaine/Jenna. It's on the way, Jenna! :)
Got home and Karma was still sleeping in her chair--just lifted her head and yawned when I came in. I don't think she had moved in the over two hours I had been gone! hehe! (Usually she waits somewhere near the door when I am gone--like a dog--hehe!)
Last night I was working again on the Soul Coaching book. Part of the lesson was to clean a smaller area. So--I cleaned off the table, the top of the cherry cabinet, and some of the ink pad shelves!!

We still need to take everything out and off of the shelves and dust them well and reorganize them--but they are decluttered!! TaDa!!
I called Leah after I got home yesterday and told her about the rainbow ink pads. She is going on a search mission before she comes over today. Michael's, JoAnn's, and Hobby Lobby are all on the same main drag in Fargo--hehe! Chalk just doesn't show up very well for resist unless you put a ton on and painting buckles the paper quite a bit. Hopefully somebody in town will have them, right? The multi-colored look is so much more festive and the method is really easy to do. Let's hope, eh? :)
Today Leah and I are going to work on the ink pad shelves and the cherry cabinets. The last of the cleaning and labeling project. I don't know if we will get done today but, if not, we should be really close. :) I'll do a video walk through when we are all done for YouTube.
Beautiful sunny day and above zero again today. Wind is cold, but it is supposed to get into the upper 20s! :):)


Kaine said...

Yay! I am so excited! It's on the way! Seems we are both have the cleaning and reorganizing bug lol! I just shoved mine all into one day and you stretched yours into a few days. In retrospect, your approach is better because the day after the 20 hour marathon I could not move. I was sore all over and had to go to my bowling league...I looked really dumb trying to heave my 16 lb ball down the alley, lol.
But it was so worth the completed room. It looks great! It will have the pictures up by this weekend!

Rita said...

Can hardly wait to see your pictures, too! Feels so good, doesn't it? :)