Saturday, February 28, 2009


What a welcome surprise yesterday! I got a handmade gift from John/Spruce from Nain, Labrador in Canada! The bunnies--are from his reading my story Flower Child--hehe!

Oops! I guess I forgot the flash on this one. Oh well.

Thanks so much, John!! You are so talented to invent a way to bead these for me! I will think of the little bunny spirits keeping me company every time I wear it. :):) I have always thought of all those baby bunnies and wished I had known more at the time and could have saved them all instead of only one. Somehow this bracelet makes me feel forgiven, John. :):)
Many years later I raised five (week-old) kittens whose mother had been run over. Saved every one of them, John!! So I did learn through that process, I guess, eh? Everything happens for a reason, right?
Speaking of cats--hehe! Karma and I were being very "restful" yesterday.

I rotate her "toys"--hehe! She seemed glad to see her Christmas bow "toy" again. :)
Not feeling as badly with the tooth since the dentist drained it. Back to the normal dosage of twice a day for pain pills. Sleeping well. Life is good. :):)
Happy weekend!


Kaine said...

The bracelet is so cute! How thoughtful! I got the prints earlier in the week too, forgot to tell you. They are in frames and ready to go up on the wall! Thanks so much for sending them :)Let me know how much I should send :):):)
I will post a pic of the framed prints on my blog this week, I love them!!!!

Serena Lewis said...

OH, what a pretty bracelet and very special too ~ :)

Rita said...

Kaine--Can hardly wait to see the pictures! How does $10 sound? :)

Serena--Had a lot of meaning for me, too! :):)

Kaine said...

$10 Sounds good to me :)
Keep an eye out. It will be on the way! (Maybe a few other goodies, too)

Rita said...

Goodies??? Cool! :):)