Friday, August 28, 2009


Not a lot going on up here. :)
I spent my time on the computer yesterday. I got partially caught up on posts and emails, etc. I comparison shopped online for the mailers. And finally wrote up the descriptions for the bookcards and emailed them to her so Leah can post them sometime soon. :)
Leah's out and about shopping and doing errands this morning. She's going to try to stop by quickly on her way home and help me switch some things I can't lift. Move stuff out from under my bed so that I can put the big black boxes (in my storage locker) back under my bed where they used to be. They hold larger paper--like I would need to make journals--tada!
Oh--I watched The Madness of King George--which was okay but nothing outstanding--to me, anyways. But there was this one line in it that cracked me up so much I wrote it down. They were talking about the king's lazy son--who was complaining that he was never given anything to do. "It takes character to endure the rigors of indolence." Maybe that's what I suffer--the rigors of forced indolence? ROFL!!
We had a sit-straight-up-in-bed cracker of a thunderstorm last night. Cooler air moved in again. Certainly hasn't been the usual hot and sticky summer and early fall that we normally have. Easier on the electric bills, tho. Not running the AC very often. But it is just a bit weird and feels strange.
Well, let's I plan to work on crafts. And after Leah helps me get the boxes in here--I will be snooping thru those, that's for sure! It is always fun to kind of rediscover things you haven't seen for a long time. I never went thru the whole box of pretty paper when I picked the cover paper out for the rice paper journals for Haiying and Ann because I knew I wanted the oriental papers and they were near the top. Today--I want to really dig thru them all! Examine each piece! To the bottom of the box! What a joy! Imagining the journals and sketchbooks I could make and what talented people might do with them...turning them into unique works of art or a haven for their private thoughts or an inspirational collage or delicate botanical paintings or.....
Food for my soul, I tell you! Food for my soul.
It is different making things for other people to use. Even when I am putting together cards for someone else--I wonder where they will travel and how the recipient will feel when they open the envelope. Hopefully they will smile.
I'd better get moving. Today is a good day. :):)


Intense Guy said...

With what I've seen of the beautiful paper you make - I'd hate to sketch or write in them! I see handmade cards as works of art and LOL - believe it or not will mail them with a big ugly post-it on the front with my note on that - rather than "mess up" the card.

Serena Lewis said...

Our weather is all mixed up too for this time of year. We barely had a winter this year....the weather was more like summer which makes me wary of what our summer will be like this year. I'm so not looking forward to our unbearable hot, humid heat.

The Madness of King George didn't appeal to me so never watched it.

My head is often filled with ideas for art projects....only problem is that I can never remember them later. I need to have a notebook and pen with me at all times so I can jot ideas down. I'm trying to get myself into this habit.

Rita said...

Hi I.G.
Oh goodness! You should write whatever you want on them! That way you have become a part of the handmade card, too! Like a joint effort--hehe! :):) Handwriting doesn't matter--because it is the hand to paper that makes it personal. You have to sign them at least, right? Then you can type a note and fold it inside if your hand writing is quite hard to read. I do know people who do that. But--don't be afraid to "mess up" the cards. Draw a smiley face inside--something--hehehe!

Rita said...

We've been wondering what kind of winter we are in store for with it being such a cool summer, also. Strange weather all over the place! ??

Yah--I'd pass on old King George--hehe!

You should definitely carry a little notebook--even a small spiral notebook--something! Your ideas shouldn't be lost, lady! Wear clothes with pockets--hehe!