Sunday, August 02, 2009


There was an ad in freecycle to give away an older metal box fan that had no plug. Here Leah answered the ad and picked it up! I had no idea she also knows how to replace plugs on electrical wires!! She never ceases to amaze me, our tool girl! She got it for me so I'd have an extra fan. :):)
Thanks, Leah!!
Yesterday the book arrived from Howard! We traded gongbi books.

It's got the step-by-step pictures from the outline sketch... the finished painting. :)
These are the kind I like...
...because I need all the help and explanation I can get--hehe!
Obviously, from the traced paintings that I've been doing on my own (on the wrong paper, etc--hehe!) you can tell I enjoy the detailed work of the gongbi paintings. My copied paintings I am working my way through are my own version of prep work. Just basically getting familiar with brushes and paints and ink. Am working my way up to trying to do some of this type of work on rice paper.
I know. I know. Watching my artistic/creative progress is slower than watching paint dry or grass grow--ROFL!! Not only is my time limited, but I flip from project to project. That's just how I operate these days. And at a snail's pace--chuckle! But I'll get there--eventually. :)
My dear friend, Ruby, sent me some books! These two are around 1,000 pages each. The Pillars of The Earth is set in the 1300s, I believe, and World Without End in the 1500s. Wow! They look awesome!
Now I have to decide if I should finish Caroline's book first. I'm halfway thru, so probably should. Otherwise I'll forget the details from the first half when I get back to it. And from the size of these...could be a while, eh? *she rubs her hands together expectantly*
And since Ruby and I are going to try to go low carb this month, she sent me this Atkins book because it has some of the basics of his diet and recipes in the back. Thanks so much, Ruby!! I'm starting after dinner with my folks on Wednesday. :):)
The hooks are up! The 3M jumbo hooks are supposed to be able to hold like 20 lbs. I now have one by the door for my purse/shoulder bag and one behind the door for Leah's bag.
Leah keeps a bag at her place and I keep a bag over here for her. Whenever we have something that we want to send to the other person next time we see them--in the bag it goes. The crazy black and white bag is a freebie I got with some order I made for something I can't remember. Thought it would make a memorable catch-all bag for Leah's stuff--hehe! She'll never confuse this bag with hers. One of Leah's white canvas bags is hanging behind it from when she brought over things last time she was here.
I know. We are organized, aren't we? But if we don't do these kinds of things and write our lists, tho--we forget. :)
And here's the bag I am using right now for the summer. Dug out a canvas bag I made years ago.
Funny how Karma can sleep with her toes splayed out on her back feet. It's like she fell asleep in mid-stretch--hehe!
Another beautiful cool night in the mid-50's. Not August weather, that's for sure. Still feels like May or June. Could have a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon--this afternoon, I mean--lol! Odds are I'll be sleeping right through it. :) :)


Intense Guy said...

Oh my. If you really get into those Ken Follett books we might not see you online for a couple months! And they are awesome books too!

Rita said...

Yes! My dear friend Ruby warned me that these HUGE books are very hard to put down! You might see "still reading" once every week or so, eh? ROFL!! Ruby said they were awesome, too! Now--if I can just finish the little mystery book from Caroline... :):)