Sunday, August 16, 2009


Barbara Carpenter's trilogy arrived yesterday!
It will be a while until I can actually read them since I have Pillars and World to read first--both around 1,000 pages--but these are near the top of my TBR (to be read) stack. I know I'll enjoy them because I'm re-reading the first one, Starlight. :) :)
Thanks for mailing them so quickly, Barbara! You have gorgeous handwriting, BTW!!
I hope it is not bad luck to mention this but Barbara asked if she could enter Baby Girl in a poetry contest for me. I wasn't sure what to do, but Dagan and Leah thought I should say yes. So regardless of what happens, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Barbara. I don't think anybody could receive a better vote of confidence. I am still amazed by your generosity. I sure hope I can at least place--be worthy of your good graces. :):)
Silly--but it makes me nervous to talk about it. Like I might jinx it or I sound pompous, you know? So that's all I'll say about it. Thanks so much, Barbara!
The day turned dark quickly yesterday--rained off and on. Still dark and rainy. Good sleeping weather , tho! I'm crawling along in Pillars--reading in my timed sessions--hehe! Good day for reading, too. Later....:):)


Intense Guy said...

:) Baby Girl was superbly written. It will be nice to see many more others read it.

...and you have a treasure chest! All those books to read! I'm envious!

Rita said...

Thanks so much, Iggy! *blush*

We have had a break in the weather so that I can sit outside on the porch and read again now on Monday!! At least until it rains--hehe! Cool day--only supposed to be around 70 degrees and the humidity dropped quite a bit--ahhh! Yes! It's always nice to have a stack of books to look forward to! :)

Rebag said...

Oh wow nice collection, I personally have not read these but a co-worker has and she loved them!! Keep us updated a s I just might have to find those books as well.......AFTER gardening season!

Rita said...

Rebag--I'll let you know. Glad to hear your co-worker loved them. I might put them up on after I read them. I'm debating on that. But if I do I will let you know and I could save them for you. Or remind me when you see I have been reading them on the blog since my mind is like a steel sieve these days--chuckle! Then you'd just have to send them on to someone else or release them to the wild. :)