Saturday, August 15, 2009


Sometimes it takes a little head butting, but Miss Karma can make herself a pillow anyplace.
What a strange trip yesterday. Turned out I didn't get out the door until nearly noon. It was already so hot out I planned to just drive over and get my gas so I could use my coupons and drive home. On the way up 42nd St they had the traffic down to one lane, but that was going on last time I was out on Wednesday. I got my gas and headed for home.
Got down 42nd St toward 32nd Ave (two main crossroads a few blocks from my apartment complex) and the entire street was closed--completely closed off. ??? They were directing everyone to turn left--so I did. We all just wandered around like a caravan on these back roads where nothing has been built yet--trying to get over to 32nd to see if we could detour south from that point. Completely blocked off up at 32nd Ave. ??? Who blocks off main thoroughfares--four lane roads--two lanes each direction--with no warning and no way to divert the traffic? Couldn't see any flashing lights--no accident or anything?? The wandering caravan of perplexed cars ended up back at 42nd St and going right back north the way we came from. I couldn't get home.
So I drove back up toward the big mall and all the shopping centers and stores up on 13th Ave.--wondering what to do. I pulled into the Target parking lot and just sat there a minute to decide what to do or where to go. My phone rang and it was my friend Ruby in Wisconsin. Couldn't have been more perfect timing. (I don't answer when I am driving--hehe!) Since I don't really have money to spend outside of my budgeted money, I really didn't want to go into Target and buy nothing, you know? (Not even sure I even could get out of there without buying at least a bottle of water!) So I decided to go over to Dagan and Leah's. Even if nobody was home, I have a key. Said bye to Ruby and off I went.
Soooo hot--melting hot!! Glad to be driving again just to have air moving in the windows--hehe! I chuckled to myself as I weaved an unfamiliar route to the freeway thinking--good thing I got gas so I could drive around town and waste some! At least I didn't have to worry about running out, eh?
I may have lived up here for ten years but I didn't have a car. I walked and rode the buses the six years I lived in Moorhead. And since I moved to Fargo I have only left my apartment once every month or two with somebody else driving--mostly Leah--and we were usually just going up to 13th Ave to shop at Target, the crafts stores, etc. So I really honestly don't know my way around this area up here very well. I know Moorhead better than Fargo because at least I knew the bus routes.
PLUS--I am one of those people with no sense of direction who has to have been to the same place at least half a dozen times before they remember how to get there--hehe! Maybe it was from not learning to drive till I was 30 years old? I never learned to remember or pay attention to how to get to places because I never needed to know. I knew some of the bus routes in Minneapolis, tho. You can spin me around in a circle and I'd be lost. No lie!
Anyways, I made it to the freeway (that's my route I know) and went over to Dagan and Leah's place in West Fargo. Dagan was home. He works half days on Fridays. Leah was working for the tooth guy so I never saw her. Dagan showed me this horrible, bloody game where he has to save the human beings and kill the zombies. What a way to relax after work, eh? We had a nice visit--so that was the silver lining. :) They had gaming that night, so I left and got home about 4pm. Went the long way around to be on the safe side, but it was open by rush hour--as I expected.
Who would have ever thought I'd be gone all afternoon just to run over and get gas?!
Oh--I watched another DVD of episodes of Weeds and I still have very mixed feelings about it. Not sure if I like it or not. ??? Parts make me snicker--but parts make me cringe. I'm afraid the cringing parts might be winning. :(
I haven't gotten to Pillars for a couple of days. I'm having Medieval withdrawal! Today I rest and read--glad I don't have any short trips planned--hehe! :)


Serena Lewis said...

Rita, I know EXACTLY what you mean....I have my set route to drive to Michelle's place but if they closed the main road there, I'd be totally lost as I'm not familiar with the area. It sounds like the road block made for an interesting day regardless. Karma was probably wondering what the heck happened to you ~ :)

Rita said...

Ha! Another person who gets easily turned around and lost! I have my certain routes to each destination--and I hate roadwork!! We are sympatico!

Karma was lying right in front of the door and started crying as soon as she heard the key touch the lock. Could hardly get the door open for her rubbing against it. so nice to be missed--hehe! I think she may have been a dog in her past life--ROFL!

Intense Guy said...

That cat sure knows how to "pound an ear" as my dad used to call sleeping at all hours.

Sounds like you just couldn't get there from where you were. I hate it when I end up driving around and around especially when I know I just want to get ooooveeerr there - I can see the place!

Rita said...

Pound an ear--never heard that one. Yup--Karma really knows how to pound an ear! :)

I know--I was like a couple blocks away! And they had totally blocked it off in the 10-15 minutes since I had driven through there. Bad timing for me. :(