Thursday, August 27, 2009


Karma's "Anything New" addiction. Notice how she thinks she's pushing her back end up against the towel with her back foot--ROFL!
Normally Karma never sits in my chair because I'm up and down. She just can't sleep restfully there because she's constantly getting booted off--disturbed.
But the towels--she couldn't resist. And they frustrated her because she couldn't paw them off and lay on top of them--hehe!

Well, we had to raise the price of our cards 25 cents and go up to $2.50. Leah discovered that we pay a fee to both Etsy and PayPal for each item--plus a percentage to each of them, also. We forgot all about paying for PayPal having only been buyers in the past--duh! It all adds up--especially on a small ticket item. We want to keep our cards reasonably priced, but I guess now we know why so many people sell their cards there for $3.00--hehe! Our handmade paper cards, bookcards, and larger cards will have to be more, but I'm talking about a regular size card. We just do not want to go over $2.50.

After all, this is obviously not a get-rich-quick scheme--ROFL! We are not going to be rolling in dough up here any time soon--hehe! We just want to make a little something to put back into supplies. Well--we are figuring things out as we go.

We're still trying to figure out postage rates, too. I even tried to research what other people were charging on Etsy and the fees were all over the place. I need to spend more time with that--and Leah is making a trip to the post office soon to check out the postage scale on rigid mailers for our card sets. I have been online a little searching for the best place to buy the cardboard mailers in bulk. Leah also posted more cards. I did post the Etsy link on all my blogs and email. So--we were busy yesterday, too. :)

There is never a worry about us buying up things in bulk if we don't sell much. We will always use up craft supplies and there is no problem with me using up mailing supplies (being the letter writer I am). I was already buying in bulk--just for myself--hehe! :)

[BTW--Iggy, we are absolutely delighted you received our early bird, first customer discount! More than happy! I know what a kind soul you are. Don't give it one single moment's thought, Mr. Intense. :):)]

We are having so much fun! Plus this is like a huge dose of creative inspiration for us. Once we get our sea legs on the Etsy ocean--hopefully we will be able to putter and play with more abandon than we ever could have without this additional outlet for our addiction! :):)

Anyways, after a couple of days R&R, I am ready to get a little something done today. Been open window weather. No rain yet. Looks like a very good day to putter! :):)


Intense Guy said...

I figured there might be some "teething / growing" pains - so I will give it a "moments thought."

If you don't wish to "adjust" the price for me - I'll just have to do something - like buy more cards or something else.


Rita said...

Baby steps--baby steps. hehe! No--no adjustments!!! But you are more than welcome to shop any time you wish. But never feel obligated, my friend! We'll be popping new things onto Etsy here and there--well, maybe forever! And you will often know about new things were are making on the blog before hand--chuckle! Are you a letter writer? Do you draw or paint? Are you a reader? We might have something you'd like along the way. Or not. I'm just tickled you come by and chat with me on the blog, to be honest. :)

Serena Lewis said...

I'm so glad I can get back to visiting blogs again!

Hey, that's great news that you and Leah have the ETSY store up and running. I hope you sell lots!

Rita said...

Serena--yes, I know! I was so busy that the better part of a week got away from me before I got back to checking blogs. I really miss hearing what everybody has been up to and seeing pictures. :)

I got the descriptions to Leah for the bookcards so maybe we can get those posted this weekend. Yup! such fun! :):)

Intense Guy said...

Hi there! I'm trying to catch up with things today and I saw your question about whether or not I was a letter writer or painter or...or...or...

My hands are crampy and my handwriting is horrible so I don't "write letters" meuch - just emails or type things in Word to mail. I used to play with colored pencils and sketch things - mostly Weeping Willows and Sea Gulls and that sort of thing. I do read a lot - just about anything that isn't nailed down (and if it is nailed down, I'll read the part I can see!) I mostly just take pictures and try to write whatever they trigger in my head.

I hope you are feeling much better today! I see from all the comments you left yesterday you were a busy reader (and I'll try to answer any questions you had in those comments in an email to you soon).

Rita said...

Iggy--so, you are more the photographer and reader, eh? Well, Leah and I were just talking about doing our watercolor bookmarks again. We made them back when she sold at craft tables and they all sold out. Swirls of color with a little metallic on watercolor paper and then they are laminated. You might find one of those that you like. Well, when we finally get around to making some--hehe! Stay posted, I guess, eh? ROFL! Now--if we can just get the red Christmas paper made... :):)