Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Karma has taken to sleeping on my computer chair at night lately. Here she's blinded by the light at 3:30am.
Here's the fish--hehe! So silly of me, right?
Made it to the dentist yesterday and got my two fillings. What a relief to be done for now--until teeth cleaning in six months--tada! This is the building for the doctors I have to go to now, too.
I've had several bad dental experiences. I tremble slightly the entire time they drill. Hate that smell of burning teeth. *shudder* But I am a very good patient, of course.
This gives you an idea of where us poor folk go to get their teeth taken care of.
This sign hangs right over the receptionist's desk. And this is in Fargo, North Dakota! Can you imagine what it must be like in New York or Chicago? hehe!
I took notes on all three of the Arnold Grummer tapes on papermaking. So that is done. :) Leah and I decided that we are going to go for one longer day of papermaking on Wednesdays instead of two shorter days a week. We'll be starting next week. I'll take videos. :):)
I was so dreadfully tired yesterday morning that I laid down for a three and a half hour "nap" before I went to the dentist in the afternoon. Sleeping a kind of split shift--hehe! I didn't sleep that long so far tonight, so I wouldn't doubt I'll be down for a few Z's toward morning.
I think I am caught up on the "Stories" blog. Have just a few more things to post from my college writing classes.
I have a headache and hurt all over (the usual for me after the dentist these days and why I couldn't sleep)--but I am in just the best mood!! Just feeling soooo blessed. :):) Happy that, thanks to Dagan and Leah, I will be driving over to Leah's sometime today with the roast for dinner tomorrow, some potatoes (little round carbs), and that frozen buggy-eyed fish--LOL! And we can just hang out and visit for a while today. Others are complaining about the cooler weather--but this has been a magical summer for me. Still feels like May!
I am blessed with wonderful, supportive people in my life. Have people I love deeply and dearly--who love me back. Even online I have met some amazing, generous, kind souls I am lucky to know. I have survived my roller-coaster life for over 58 years--and quite well, I think.
It's true--my body has absolutely taken my life hostage these past several years. But I'll take this physical body roller-coaster ride any day over my previous emotionally draining ride. ROFL!! Everything is relative, right?
I wouldn't change a thing. Without the darkness one cannot see the light, right? And I have been blinded by the light--many times. That must be the theme tonight, eh? Me and Karma--blinking--blinded by the light! :):)


Intense Guy said...

I live outside of Philadelphia PA and I've never seen a "No weapons allowed" sign at a doctors office.

We could use some of that cooler weather over here... :)

Serena Lewis said...

i haven't seen a sign like that either at a dentist's or doctor's practice.

enjoy the roast meal.

i'm sure your body needed that sleep. actually, last night, i had the best night's sleep i've had in ages.

Rita said...

IG--they must have had an incident of some kind?? That is the oddest thing I've ever seen in a dentist's office! Sadly, a lot of the patients don't speak English, so the sign won't do much good--hehe!

This weather seems to just hang around up here. This is one of the strangest summers. Been running 15-20 degrees below normal. ??

Rita said...

Serena--I can hardly wait for the dinner tomorrow! Hardly ever have roast in the first place and I love potatoes and gravy--yum!

Glad to hear you had a wonderful night's sleep!! :):)