Saturday, August 08, 2009


Been quiet here. I've been up and down sleeping/napping whenever. All three Netflix DVDs arrived today. Plus I finished Caroline's book and can begin The Pillars of The Earth this weekend. Karma was over on the chair dreaming--and she began to talk and growl and twitch. I was trying to remember if I have ever heard her growl when she's dreaming? Snore--yes! Growl? I don't think so.
After I snapped the picture--she woke up, of course. Doesn't she look groggy? Like something or someone was chasing her maybe?
I wonder where she was, what was going on, and who she was growling at?
Oh the mysteries of not knowing the language, eh? :):)


Serena Lewis said...

she sure does look groggy there. i wonder this same thing when cody cries out in his sleep.

I'll look forward to hearing your review on the DVDs.

Rita said...

Makes you wonder what a dog or cat dreams about--hehe!

All three of the DVDs I'm watching this weekend are from series. Two are new--but one is from Wire In The Blood which I already talked about. Gory, sick murders--love the detective! I'll let you know on the other two--Supernatural and Weeds. :)

Intense Guy said...

I am only a dog whisperer...

Cats are an alien tongue - but she does look super happy and super content.

Rita said...

Iggy--I bet you are a good dog whisperer. I used to think I was a good cat whisperer--until I brought Miss Karma home. She can baffle me--hehe! :)