Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hot up here! Supposed to be mid-90's for the next several days. :( Karma loves sleeping out on the porch in this heat. Phew!!
Yesterday my bedding order arrived!!! Can't remember if I told you that--because I could spread the payments out over four months--I ordered a summer and a winter quilt or coverlet and a bed skirt. :)
So I washed them up yesterday to get the smell and the creases out of them.
Thought I'd show you the summer look (above) and the winter look (below).
I didn't want to splurge enough to buy pillow shams because I wouldn't really use them anyways...
...but when I made up the bed I almost wished I had--hehe! Not practical, tho.
I have had the same rose bedspread for about ten years. It is too hot for me to use in the summer so I have just been using a light blanket every summer. Wow! Now I will have actual bedding for the summer--woohoo! This is definitely a luxury purchase for me. I am grateful to for the four month payment plan on their sale catalog! It feels like Christmas over here. :)

Having your bedspread trim shredding and your sheets falling apart with holes can be a motivator, I guess. I bought a new cream colored bottom sheet at Bed, Bath and Beyond last month. So this month I plan to buy the top sheet and pillowcases. Completely new bedding--wow! Love BB&B's 20% off coupons!
Caroline came and cleaned yesterday. She's such a nice girl. Young woman, I should say. :)
I have almost made it around the clock and am basically back on days--tada!! This morning I am heading over to Leah's for our first papermaking session over at their place. I'll take pictures! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

OH, how pretty both looks are, Rita! Nice choices!

Intense Guy said...

I'm always amazed by how cats can sleep in the hottest places. You'd think they would cook themselves.

The bed looks nice enough to sleep in! (I sleep on a sofa - its a long story)

Rebag said...

Hi Rita! Ya been hot here too! doesnt sound like much relief coming any time soon either!

Love the new bedding!! Such a good feeling isnt it to get something new like that!

Rita said...

Serena--The summer one is a little more sage than the picture shows. Feeling pretty fancy--hehe!

Rita said...

Iggy--It would be like us sitting outside in 95 degree heat with a long fur coat on! I just don't get it.

A sofa! ???

Rita said...

Rebag--I'm slow getting back to everyone's posts and it is already Saturday. The weather is finally supposed to break today, I guess. I hope they are correct! It's been so hot and humid--just awful! The air feels so thick you could cut it with a knife! I hope we have relief soon. (This is why I never complained with our spring-like weather all summer--hehe!)