Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yesterday was one of the very, very rare days that I have ever met Caroline at the door in my robe. Yes--even with all my bad days and chronic fatigue and all the rest--I am a Midwestern Swede, ya know. One of those people who likes to tidy up before the cleaning lady comes--you betcha! I did still manage to kind of half make the bed and clear off my desk. I know--you sigh.
Anyways, my not getting dressed and gathering up the trash, etc--well, it threw Miss Karma off because she didn't have proper warning that Caroline was coming. And then Leah showed up briefly, too, while Caroline was still here. Karma had a very difficult time sleeping for several hours after they left. Was jerking awake to every little sound or movement. Cat insomnia--ROFL!!
I have several projects waiting for me--still--on the craft table. Not today. Maybe tomorrow?

The Big News!!

Yesterday Leah and I were absolutely thrilled!! Jumping around like kids at a party--well, figuratively--hehe! We had our first sale on Etsy already--tada!! From my new loyal blog friend, Intense Guy!! I'm serious, Iggy, you really don't know how much we appreciate it. You have a permanent place in our personal history now--whether you like it or not--hehe! That's why Leah was over here after her second interview--so that I could add a note and we could get your package in the mail right away before the post office closed. I hope you enjoy the handmade cards, I.G.! Thanks so very much! :):)

I still smile just writing about it. *big grin* So happy I don't give a titch about the pain--not a smidgen! Floating on air--well, figuratively--hehe!


Rebag said...

Ok did I miss the Etsy addy? Dang Im gonna have to scroll back and look again...was looking forward to your store opening!

Intense Guy said...

:) You are welcome.

I'm eager to see the your nice work up close. I was impressed by how wonderful the "customer service" is.

I hope you feel much better today - it must nearly intolerable to hurt so bad you didn't clean before the cleaning lady came.

P.s., Hope Karma got some capnaps too.

Rita said...

Hi Rebag--I hope you can find it now. I posted in the upper left hand corner of all my blogs and I hope the links work. :)

How do I find yours? I couldn't find a link on your blog?? :)

Rita said...

Mr. Intense--You'll have to let us know when you get your order. :) It's easy for grateful sellers to be efficient and thankful to kind quick buyers. :):):)

You know I was hurtin--yup! Isn't that such a Midwestern thing to do--tidy up before the cleaning lady comes--ROFL! Would they do that out East, too?

P.S. Miss Karma never misses her sleep for long. If all else fails, she goes off and hides under the bed for peace and quiet--LOL!

I need to get to your blog!! I am so behind! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Congratulations on your ETSY sales, Rita! I'll be keeping a close watch on your ETSY store myself. Will you be putting on some of those bookcards(can't remember if that's what you call them) that you make?

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
Thanks so much! Yes, bookcards is what I call them. I have just a few bookcards to put up on Etsy. I'll make some more. I am sooo hooked on using them, as you know, to write letters anymore--hehe! I've been so busy lately, tho, that these last ones I made I only had four sheets inside (16 small pages) instead of five. When I make some more I'll put five in again. Altho--not everybody writes as long of letters as I do--hehe! :)