Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Okay--I'm dating myself here--hehe! Back when Leah was looking around for lamps she found me the upholstery screws I wanted. I wasn't even sure they made them any more.
The arms on my 12 year old cream colored chair (never buy anything that light again) have become so dirty. I have tried cleaning them with upholstery sprays and soaps--but I think I only succeeded in making them worse. One day it came to me. I remembered my Grandma Johnson and her furniture doilies and how she had these little button screws to hold them down. (They fascinated me as a child.) Back when the men combed their hair back with Brylcreem you really needed something on the back of an upholstered chair to try to save the chair fabric from that dark greasy spot. Doilies, towels--something! (Pillowcases really took a beating, too.) Funny the things a child remembers. :)
I assumed they might be found at a hardware store. Never assume. Leah finally found them at Michael's Craft Store!
I know this looks funny, but then funny has never bothered me. :) I took a couple of old rose colored hand towels and screwed them to the chair arms--tada!
At least I can take the towels off and wash them when they get dirty. Originally some pieces of square cream fabric came with the chair--but they fell off all the time. Guess I needed upholstery screws, eh? They didn't even cover the entire front of the arm of the chair, tho. Just laid over the middle of the arms.

What's puzzles me is that I wash my hands all the time. How did the chair arms get so dirty? Well, not that the entire chair hasn't gotten darn shabby looking over 12 years time, but the arms--gross! Must be oil from a person's hands and hand lotion and such?

Anyways--break in the weather! Got to open the place up again last night. Even the weathermen had been calling the air "steamy, soupy, and muggy" the past couple of days. Had been jungle weather again in Fargo--hehe! Humidity dropped and that makes a world of difference--even at 80 degrees. :)

There was no reading Pillars yesterday. Leah and I were still working all day and into the night on the Etsy shop--via cell phone (till my battery died), land line, texting, and emails. (I love technology!!)

Leah figured out how to get the icon picture up. We slowly worked out how we wanted to post descriptions of our cards but then the pictures wouldn't upload. Were too large. *sigh* Leah finally figured out how to set her camera to take smaller size pictures in the first place rather than try to resize them. (MBs? pixels? whatever--not the actual measurements of the picture.)

But then we had color problems (the brown looked greyish blue). *sigh* She figured out how to change some settings on her camera for color and fixed that problem. (I think Dagan was helping some, too?)

Finally last night the craft ball got rolling--hehe! Leah posted six cards! They each take a bit of time to post, that's for sure. Neither of us could go to bed. She kept posting and I kept waiting to see the next card! I know--we get like little kids. So exciting, tho! I think she quit about 1:30am? :):)

So--let me go get the link for you...


I can't remember if you have to register as a buyer (free) to snoop around on Etsy or not? But--just a heads up--if you think you might ever possibly like to have your own shop--think carefully about what user name you want before you choose one because that is the one thing you can't ever change later. You'd have to restart a whole new account to change the user name like Leah did--and it was a bit of a hassle, not bad, but if she had known...

Well, that's the hoppin' news up here--hehe! Such fun!!!

Caroline comes today. She's back in class again and called to change her arrival time to around 3pm for this semester. Wow! I think this is her last semester!? How time flies!

Leah and I decided that, instead of papermaking tomorrow, we will get together and work on Etsy postings. I'm sure that came as no surprise--ROFL!


Me--I should add the Etsy link up in "My Other Web Spots" in the upper left hand corner of all my blogs. Oh and add it on to my email signature list of web addresses--hehe! I have some small projects lined up on the craft table (Etsy card detail work)...

BUT--not sure I will actually be physically able to. I've been trying to be good--but have been overdoing it with the sitting in the same chairs way too long, etc--for three days. My body is complaining--loudly--despite the usual morning pain pill. Even had to split writing this blog up into a couple of half hour sessions. Okay! Okay! I will just take it easy today--huff! :(

Leah--she has two different interviews today. Thinking positive!! She said she will be posting more items, too, when she can.

So I will have to come over here to the computer and take quick peeks off and on to see what she's posted--but I might not get to anything else online today besides the blog. One of those days.

But I am grinning from ear to ear! :):)


Intense Guy said...

Best of luck to Leah on her interviews!

So thats what they call those arm chair pin things. My grandmother had a whole box full of them and no one could figure out what they were when she passed away. I wonder what happened to the box.

I hope you didn't overdo things!

1) I had to register at Esty to place an order.

2) I placed an order. :)

Rita said...

Leah said the interviews went well, but she hasn't heard anything yet. I think she's a little shy and quiet for them? Unlike myself--ROFL!

I had to show her your comment about the upholstery screws. Leah laughed because she didn't know what I was talking about or what to look for--had to draw her a little sketch. Now you know what those funny little button screws are for!

Obviously I did overdo--but am feeling better now (Thursday). You should be getting an envelope any day now! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

You and Leah sound just like my daughter and I did when I helped her set up her ETSY store. We did the same thing when I helped her set up her blog too. It IS a very exciting process!

I hope Leah gets a call-back on the interviews. Well wishes to her.

I haven't seen or heard of those type of upholstery screws before though I do remember the doilies people would drape over the arms and headrest parts of their lounge chairs. Those screws are a great idea for keeping them in place.

Rita said...

Yes! I can imagine you and Michelle getting just as excited as Leah and I! Such fun! Nice to have someone you love that much enjoy some of the same things you do. :):)

I know--I hope Leah gets a job soon. They're using savings every month! :(