Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Karma's recovered toy!
This is a plastic tube from a roll of metal foil that Karma was begging me to get out from under the dresser. We had played this game months ago and the tube disappeared. She must have eagle-eyed it.
I put some of her dry food in there and she has to get it out.

And figure out how to get it out when she can't reach them anymore.
Trying to bite open the closed end doesn't work, but she still tried it again. (Not as smart as she thinks she is, eh?)
She quickly remembered that rolling it around on the floor moves them along to the open end. Big fun in Fargo!

I have been reading The Pillars of The Earth and working on a letter in sections (as I usually do these days). Pillars is hard to put down! I think this is the first time I need to have a timer by my comfy chair--hehe! If I don't get up and move and stretch often it's like my body seizes up in pain and stiffness--even in my very most comfortable chair I shouldn't sit over two hours max. But I got totally lost in the Middle Ages and forgot about the time--ROFL!!
Now I am up again, my day has started, and I'm going to go get lost in England--1136--but set my timer--hehe!! :):)


Intense Guy said...

Karma is a lots smart to go with lots cute!


Enjoy the book - it really is a good one!

Sheila said...

Pillars is up there on my all-time favorite books list. (and I'm not a great fan of historical fiction)I have the sequel - 'World Without End' on my shelf now but am thinking I'm gonna wait for rainy season to delve into it. Enjoy!

Rita said...

Iggy--Karma is smarter than a lot of cats I have lived with--chuckle!

I was hooked right away with Pillars! :)

Rita said...

Hi Sheila!
I have had several people tell me how much they liked this book and the sequel. My friend Ruby sent me both of them. I am totally fascinated with how life was back then. Rough and dangerous, tho--wow!

Have you ever read the Cadfael books or seen the TV movies they made from the series? Same basic time period. Love those, too. :)

Serena Lewis said...

LOL....Karma gets top marks for perseverance!

I haven't even heard of Pillars of the Earth but now I'm intrigued.

I'm currently reading some Barbara Erskine novels. I also have the book The Story of Edgar Sawtelle on order after seeing it mentioned for Oprah's bookclub.

Rita said...

When I left for the day on Wednesday to do papermaking--came home and the tube has disappeared again. Under something somewhere--hehe!

I wrote down the books you mentioned and please let me know how you like them. Maybe mention them on your blog? :):) I have been hearing from several people about Pillars and the sequel and how much they loved them. And I am hooked!

Serena Lewis said...

I'm not sure what I would classify the Barbara Erskine novels as but they usually revolve around a character in the present time seeing/feeling ghosts from another time where there is a story to tell of how they died. I find them quite interesting.

I read Lady Of Hay many years ago and though it was quite involved and a slow read in areas...I did enjoy reading about the ghost from the past and what really happened to her.

In recent years, I read her novel - Midnight is a Lonely Place - and found it much better reading. I'm working my way through more of her books now.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle was written by David Wroblewski and I heard Oprah raving about it and so did a member of her studio audience. Apparently, it's a romance but also dogs are involved....it sounds really good.

I have noted down Pillars of the Earth to check out. :)

Rita said...

The ghosts sound interesting to me, too. Thanks for telling me a little more about her books. :)

So many books, so little time, eh? I put her on my long list of books/authors I want to read. And the Oprah book, too. :):)