Thursday, August 20, 2009


I get a new daily picture from National Geographic on Google. I got this picture a couple days ago and it just makes me giggle every time I see it. :):)
This is Karma's usual reaction to me taking pictures of her while she watches her CatTV. I am even using a zoom and haven't even left my chair...
...but she hears the camera and is immediately annoyed.
Rarely bothers her at any other time. Well, she can be a bit moody sometimes--but she often almost poses for the camera when she's on the floor, etc. Her spying/CatTV time at the window, tho--very private time for her. Cameras? She wants none of it! Totally exasperated with me and my inability to understand her needs after all these years. I feign human ignorance. She becomes totally disgusted with me if I persist and she won't talk to me for hours...unless I have treats or bubbles, of course.
Glad one of us is not naturally ill-tempered--hehe!
Well, yesterday was a bad day for me. IBS is one of the unpredictable side effects I have from Fibromyalgia. I know--too much information--sorry! Things have been better since I got the bentyl pills from my doctor, but changing my diet recently and adding other pills for arthritis, etc, has made life more unpredictable again. Not nearly as bad as it used to be, tho.
Anyways, we postponed the papermaking and Sacred Circle. Will try again next Wednesday. Didn't feel well all day. Dark day. Didn't even read. Watched my boy Dexter most of the day, tho! Love that show! It sprinkled off and on. Was a quiet day here and I was in bed fairly early.
We'll see how today goes? I really don't honestly have much of a clue for the first couple of hours because I wake up feeling rather horrible in general every morning. But today might be a really decent day, right? chuckle! :):)


  1. :)

    That lighbulb in the frog picture is cool.

    I hope you feel much better today.

  2. taiona1:52 PM


  3. What a great pic from National Geographic. Do they email the pic or do you access it through the main Google page?

    LOL....Cody doesn't seem to care if we take pics of him. I think he more wonders if the camera is a treat at first. lol

    I'm sorry to hear you're suffering with IBS at the moment....seems to be such a common condition nowadays and, of course, some medications can make it even worse. I hope you feel much better very soon.

  4. Intense--I do really like tree frogs and little brown toads--and this picture is so silly! :):)


  5. Taiona,
    With Karma it is more hug your cat. When I don't feel well she tends to climb up on me to snuggle--hehe! And I do try to always have good days--even when I have bad physical days. :)

  6. Serena--I picked the National Geographic pictures from the choices I had for making up my Google home page. They have different pictures every day--or at least during the week. Can't remember if they change them on the weekend actually. They're from all over the world, of course. :)

    Little Cody isn't camera shy at least. Yes--IBS is one of the common additional complaints that goes along with fibro--along with headaches, poor sleep, etc. The last 6-7 years that is what keeps me from being able to leave the apartment and make appointments, etc. Annoying, but not life-threatening. Teaches me patience and adaptability, right? hehe! :):)


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