Saturday, August 22, 2009


Karma started crying and wanting me to get "you know what" out from under the dresser. It disappeared several days ago--again. She kept insisting until I finally went and got the yardstick.
I tried and tried to find it where she was under that side of the dresser--no plastic tube? So I finally go over to the other side and that's where I found it. Apparently she wasn't actually looking at it while she was begging--she was remembering where it went--hehe!
Wrong end.
There were still those few morsels left in the tube. She flipped it around...
...and tried to reach them. Didn't work.
So she tried the other arm--ROFL!
She quickly resorted to rolling the tube around to get them down to the open end of the tube. I guess she really likes to work for her treats, eh? Enjoys the challenge. :)
Yesterday I basically spent the day on the computer. First catching up on emails and posts and such--and then snooping thru Etsy comparing prices on cards.
Leah and I were chatting on the phone and emailing--discussing the ins and outs of starting an Etsy shop. Leah wants to get started on setting it up with product this weekend. She's been working on her light box for taking the pictures and sending me examples.
So the plan for today is that she will come over, we will go shopping (Office Max to check out shipping costs), and then over to her place. At some point in there if it's not raining we will jump PitaPaseo and get her back in running order, too. We will pick out photos and take any additional pictures needed--write up a shop statement and descriptions of the products--figure out shipping costs--and on it goes--hehe! We'll both be listed as sellers on the shop.
Right now--well, Leah has some cards to sell to start out with. Oh--and I think she still has some jewelry, too? Me--I have a few leftover Christmas cards and I am thinking I can part with just a few of my bookcards. Maybe two from handmade paper and the two I made from the embossed green paper with the bugs on it. I can't bear to part with any of my very first watercolor journals I made--but now I can feel free to make some more!
This is exciting! Like when Leah and I were trying to get her set up selling crafts in town at the little craft fairs a few years ago. I am good at support--things like online research for supplies, inventory, labeling, etc. I couldn't physically sit in a chair and sell like that for the day anymore--no way. Leah youngest sister, Ariel, would come and help out. I did make a few things to sell, too, of course. We make a good team!
Now we will have an outlet for those creative urges that just plain aren't practical--hehe! Like me needing any more watercolor journals--ROFL! And Leah loves to make handmade paper and cards but she doesn't need many and is not a letter writer. We just love the process, you know? It is such a joy and so satisfying. Extra fun when we can make things together! :) :)
Well--keeps us out of trouble, anyways, right? hehe!
Oh--and I dug out the CDs from Office Max back when we printed up my paintings--the poinsettias and the leaves. I am going to check today into printing up some more. I have no fears of having any cards going unused with the way I write letters--hehe! For all the years before I started making bookcards I'd use those little legal pads and fold the pages of the letter up inside of the cards. Which I still do, of course, when I am out of bookcards--or to put a letter inside of a birthday card or Christmas card or any handamde cards I have.
Anyways--can't tell I'm not excited, eh? I'm blabbering! Got to get moving here. Big day! :):)


  1. Just found your blog, after watching a couple of your youtube videos. Loved the videos I saw, and I plan to watch the rest right after I clean (well, clean or take a nap....not sure yet:)
    The watercolor journals sound great, are they with handmade paper too?
    Wish you the best with your shop-


    - Sounds like you're feeling better today. I am expecting the 12 canvases I ordered using my upcoming birthday as an excuse. I usually stretch my own and build frames. But for one year that has not worked! So when Dick Blick had their FABULOUS sale (50%+ off)I bought 12 - 24x30. Wahooo. That broke the logjam. While waiting for them to arrive, I found two I can gesso over. And met my neighbor after a year who also paints and whose husband had fixed her a studio (complete) right across the street from me. He said that "she paints sometimes, but then looses interest for a time..... ) That was an opening too big for me to ignore, so I introduced myself and showed her one of my paintings I am preently working on.... So today (hehehe) I'm putting things to right! Throwing out the old and rearranging the rest to accomodate those 12 canvases! Hope this positive energy floats your way!

  3. Rita, I was thinking we could attach a long string to the end of that plastic tube that Karma loves to play with. Then it might be easier for you to get out from underneath furniture when she bats it away. Could use hot glue that would probably work the best. She might like playing with the string too. ;)


  4. :)

    That cat is really cool. I bet with all the food-reaches she does, she has biceps like Popeyes!

  5. Greetings, Trish!
    So glad you liked the youtube videos and found your way here. Welcome!

    No--I have not made the sketchbook/journals with handmade paper inside. Maybe one day--now that we have a larger papermill? I just used what 140 lb. watercolor paper I had on hand to learn how to actually do the coptic stitch. A couple of them I made as gifts actually had rice paper inside. Talk about delicate to stitch together--hehe! I'm fairly new to the process--but love it!

    I did use some paste paper Ann (from online Chinese Brush Painting group I'm in) had made for a couple of covers--but have mostly used boughten paper so far. You can see pictures of them on my flickr account.

    Thanks much for the well wishes! :)

  6. Hi Taiona,
    Wow! Isn't it so exciting to have new supplies! I can hardly wait to see what you paint on all those canvases. Awesome! I do thik that positive energy came our way, too. Thanks! Positive energy back to ya! :)

  7. Leah!
    I am afraid that the string would just wrap around the tube as she rolls it all over the floor. And you know Miss Karma--she will chew up the string! hehe!

    Hey--I had my really cool leather pouch bag filled with the stuff for Sacred Circle and instead of emptying it (since we postponed) I set it on my reading table in the bedroom and one of the pull strings fell down over the table--and yup! She bit off a nice size chunk! I fixed it--but now one pull string is quite a bit shorter than the other one. What a stinker!

  8. Hi Iggy!
    I am trying to picture Miss Karma with those Popeye bicep bumps--ROFL! :):)


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